Why Do Companies Choose Coworking Spaces In The New Normal?

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The new normal brought upon by the recent pandemic has changed the way employees work and, consequently, prompted companies to adapt to the new environment. Digitalisation is now more important than ever, and work from home is the only viable arrangement that ensures businesses survive.

Despite that, there remains a need for physical offices to serve as a company’s head office. Due to the new economic changes, more and more companies are now finding coworking spaces to be a suitable choice. In the following sections, we go over the reasons that drive their decision.

Better Space Planning

With the recent heightened alert measures taking place, the unpredictability of working in a traditional office has been highlighted. Even as measures start to ease up, most companies will see employees slowly returning to the office; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no longer any safety measures to follow.

Social distancing remains a must no matter where you go in public, and the office is no exception. In the new normal, companies must ensure that each employee has more space to work in and that they’ll maintain a safe distance from their colleagues when inside the office. Businesses that are unable to follow such guidelines due to space limitations, such as those that have opted for small business spaces for rent for their office, must seek another alternative for the meantime.

In these circumstances, coworking spaces are arguably the best alternative due to their typically open-plan areas. More space means you can house a lot more employees in a single branch. Apart from having more space, coworking offices are also generally sanitised around the clock, so your employee’s safety is guaranteed at no additional cost.

More Flexible Lease Terms

Due to the effects of the recent pandemic on the economy, committing to a long and restrictive lease tenure isn’t an ideal decision to make for the time being. Nonetheless, the fact remains that physical offices are still necessary for certain businesses, both big and small, in their operations.

One of the main features of coworking office spaces for lease is its flexible lease terms. Unlike traditional offices, coworking firms allow businesses to rent their spaces depending on their requirements. Whether they only require a small area during the weekdays or want to rent out the entire branch, coworking spaces provide excellent flexibility both in area and tenure – making it the winning option in both the short and long term.

Feasible Alternative For Business Continuity Plans

The wide adoption of the work-from-home arrangement has spurred the acceleration of many trends in the business world. Companies have now realised that working from home can be just as productive and are now considering lowering their footprint and rethinking how much space they need. These considerations have led them to several decisions in their business continuity plans, including the relocation of non-essential operations to smaller branches in other locations.

Coworking presents a feasible option for these employees’ office needs. Companies can rent out a small area for contractors, part-time employees and the like to work in these branches, and they’ll be guaranteed to have all the office amenities and supplies they typically expect on their first day. As mentioned in the previous section, the flexibility of coworking also grants businesses an easy way to downsize or upsize their needs at will, further solidifying them as an excellent choice.


Due to its feature set having all that companies need and more, it’s clear to see why coworking is arguably the best option in the new normal. On top of that, working in such spaces also comes with the usual benefits of a traditional office, which adds more to sweeten the deal.

So, if you’re keen on placing some of your employees at a coworking office, look no further than Greenhub Singapore. We offer a ton of eco-friendly and safe coworking spaces that are guaranteed to promote your workers’ productivity, all while being flexible to adjust to your needs at any time.