Why Coworking Is A Solution For Elevated Productivity

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With its perks and benefits, there’s no doubt that coworking spaces are all highly raved about, and some may even go so far to claim that it works as a better workspace alternative to a traditional office. If you’re new to the concept, coworking spaces are essentially shared workspaces that allows one to tap onto the benefits and perks of an office without having to be tied down to an actual, physical office.

One of the myriad reasons why many have opted for a coworking space is simply the boost in productivity. A report has shown that 74 per cent of employees display an increase in productivity upon joining a coworking space. The correlation between a coworking space and productivity may seem rather obtuse, so we’re here to uncover 4 reasons behind how it is so.

1. No communication blockade

Unlike traditional walled offices that possess a barrier to easy communication, a shared office environment allows employees to effectively communicate, collaborate and innovate with each other. By ridding the communication blockade, one is also able to voice out concerns and talk through problems with much ease. By promoting effective communication, your employees can address issues comfortably and fix them quicker.

Frequent verbal communication and interaction such as these reduce miscommunication, leading to an improvement in productivity, efficiency, and team morale.

2. Happier employees, enhanced productivity

Your employees will undoubtedly value relationships forged in a coworking office space. Studies have  proven that a huge percentage of employees love the personal connections that are possible with working, as they feel more motivated to work and less lonely.

In the same vein, your employees attain a strong sense of belonging in a coworking space, making the workplace feel more like home. These sense of belonging and positive reactions contribute significantly to your employees’ happiness, resulting in an immense boosts in productivity.

3. Building more personal relationships

When working in restrictive cubicles, the physical barrier often leads to little to no communication amongst teammates. Such talks often don’t go beyond work related issues, restricting the relationship to mere coworkers.

Whilst this pose no problems in it and of by itself, it limits the understanding, empathy and compassion that one bears for another. Should there be miscommunication or tension amongst employees, the lack of personal relationship will only make resolution so much harder.

A coworking environment will help tremendously, simply due to its open-concept office. The lack of physical barrier means that employees have more opportunities to interact face-to-face and get to know each other as more than mere coworkers. Having a solid foundation of understanding and compassion will give way to not just effective communication, but also the building of a more pleasant working environment. By promoting deeper relationships, you’ll be able to find the middle ground much faster, work through problems better and collaboration will be easier.

4. Naturally stimulating

On that very same tangent, an open-concept office also encourages learning. Its ability to support ease of communication amongst employees will encourage teams to work effectively together and collaborate even more. Employees are able to mingle and bounce ideas off each other, facilitate discussions as well as casual chats. Such a space breeds creativity and endorses cross-functional working, allowing one to finetune their ideas to perfection.

There is a myriad of reasons why one joins a coworking space, but elevated productivity is arguably one of the more prominent and appealing ones. If you wish to tap onto productivity and other perks a coworking environment can offer you, we can help!

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