Why Are Plants Advantageous To Add To Your Working Space

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In a general context, nature and greenery are undoubtedly important in maintaining the planet’s conduciveness to promote life. Thanks to the natural way of things, ecosystems flourished on their own, and humankind eventually made its way into the history of the world by being one with and making use of nature.

With that said, what exactly does greenery contribute in the context of the modern working space? Let us dive into the main advantages of having plants in furnished office spaces that have gained much popularity and how participating in the trend will benefit you.

Promotes the well-being of employees

The culmination of decades-long research on the relationship between people and nature has shown that maintaining contact with our surroundings is highly beneficial to our health and well-being. One of the best evidences to this claim is from a Norwegian study conducted during 1995-96, wherein 60 office workers were observed in office environments with and without plants.

After a year, the groups switched offices, and the experiment continued for another year. The findings are as follows:

  • 23% reduction in neuropsychological symptoms and 30% reduction in stress for green offices
  • 37% reduction in coughs and 25% in dry throat, two common issues caused by poor air quality
  • 23% reduction in dry or flushed skin in green offices

Two key mechanisms brought these improvements: the psychological value of a highly pleasing environment and enhanced air quality. Thanks to their natural toxin filtration capabilities, offices can get cleaner air that helps freshen up the surroundings and reduces the odds of catching diseases.

Moreover, the rich shades of green offer a visually-enhanced perception of a space that ultimately results in the feeling of being more at ease, something that we all get during certain activities like taking a walk in a greenery-filled park.

Provides a boost in productivity and creativity

According to the findings of psychologists from the University of Exeter in the UK, the performance of employees considerably improves when there are plants present in their working environment, around a 15% productivity increase, to be exact. This is because workers who engage with their surroundings tend to find it easier to stay focused and thus achieve greater work output.

Besides productivity, greenery also has a hand in boosting employee creativity. Creativity is another crucial requirement that enables professionals to solve the myriad of challenges they face every day, and creative blocks are certainly something that impedes their work progress.

A touch of greenery introduces new colours and vibrant smells to an otherwise dull space, consequently providing them with the inspiration they need. With just a few plants, businesses can stimulate the senses of their workers and thus open their minds to a flow of ideas that helps get them out of their critical thinking slump.

Helps reduce energy consumption

Energy consumption is an area where many businesses strive to reduce their spendings and generate more savings. On top of researched solutions, simply placing plants in the office also helps in this cost-saving effort. Having plenty of greenery is proven to lower inside temperatures by 10°C and possibly more.

According to the USDA Forest Service, a single healthy tree can efficiently cool a building down by the same amount as ten room-size air conditioning units running for around 20 hours each day.

If you wish to try this approach, consider using bigger indoor trees to achieve the maximum effect in reducing HVAC energy consumption. Although far from being the end-all-be-all solution for energy use reduction, this method undoubtedly works despite the minimum investment and sets the company on an eco-friendlier path.


Plants offer more benefits apart from the general ones we all know today. If introduced to the modern office setting, their advantages benefit employees and ultimately the company. Hence, it makes perfect sense why they are one of the essential design elements of coworking spaces.

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