What Makes Coworking Spaces Different From Offices?

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Ever since remote work became the norm in the past year, coworking spaces have come to the front line to provide professionals with a change of scenery away from home. It’s also a working environment that offers all the work necessities found in traditional startup office space in Singapore.

While the two may seem not all too different from one another on the surface, the advantages exclusive to coworking spaces suggest that there is more to it than meets the eye. Let us explore three key differences that set coworking spaces apart from regular offices and their role in promoting their member’s productivity.

Open layouts that allow for ease of communication

Although the cubicles of traditional offices do provide a semblance of privacy, the boxed-in feeling they give off overshadows its benefits by inhibiting creativity and making communication with peers more complicated than it has to be.

Moreover, employees are cooped up in their cubicles for hours with nothing but monotone walls within sight. It comes as no surprise that it will not be long before they become drained of motivation and happiness due to their boxed-in environment.

In contrast, coworking spaces go for open layouts that remove the walls between professionals, allowing for ease of communication with one another. Moreover, they offer various working areas ideal for multiple tasks, such as private booths and corners for focused work and common areas best suited for exchanging ideas and solutions.

By introducing members to a more flexible and dynamic working arrangement, they can quickly adapt to whatever task they are working on. The ever-present opportunity to get a helping hand allows for the efficient and timely accomplishment of work.

Mood-boosting design elements

Typical office spaces usually only have the basics necessary to do work, an area where coworking spaces have the upper hand. Coworking offices are built with their members in mind and thus have incorporated mood-boosting design elements such as plants and other greenery and natural lighting within the space.

Due to humanity’s innate connection with nature, having these additions in the office helps professionals feel more relaxed and at ease and gain plenty of other benefits.

With plenty of plants around, the air within the office space significantly improves, thanks to their natural air filtering capabilities. Moreover, simply having greenery nearby has been proven by many studies to increase productivity and cognition among coworking members.

Lastly, daylit office environments are proven by studies to promote health and wellness among their users. Spaces that employ natural lighting can significantly reduce common office ailments which can hinder productivity like headaches, eyestrain, and blurry vision symptoms, by 84 per cent.

The community that fosters innovation and collaboration

Coworking spaces are open to all professionals from various backgrounds and industries. With each coworking branch having unique communities and professionals with varying degrees of experience and skillsets, a collaboration that leads to new ideas and innovation is always just around the corner. Whether through spontaneous conversations in the break lounge or regular community networking events held by community managers, there is always an opportunity to mingle with a pool of workers that can add value to one’s work and expand both parties’ career horizons.


Coworking spaces elevate productivity and promote the well-being of their users since they are created with them in mind, solving many of the issues that plague them in traditional offices. With remote work fast becoming a staple in the hybrid working model of today, coworking spaces and their advantages in tow are also gaining popularity as a better alternative to the usual work from home setup.

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