What Can Business Do To Help Their Employees During COVID19

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Due to COVID19 and the circuit breaker measures that were implemented, many are struggling with isolation and loneliness, financial anxiety, health concerns, or even grief. Luckily, there are numerous initiatives to support individuals and communities that are vulnerable to the virus and the sudden change that followed.

Apart from helping your employees’ transition from working in the office for rent to working from home, what are some of the other ways can you support them? After all, securing one’s wellbeing doesn’t stop at just the physical level – there’s still the emotional and mental wellbeing. Below are just a few things you can do as an employer, and as a business as a whole.

Keep Employees Updated

Undoubtedly, the first thing a business can do to alleviate the stress experienced by employees is to provide accurate information and guidance. To some, the employer might be the only voice of health communication – especially if they’re not in the space where such information is readily accessible. Of course, Singapore is better than many countries whereby the state has ensured that there’s transparency as the government implemented containment efforts. Either way, check with your employees and keep them up to date with the regulations and medically verified information sources.

However, those are not the only information that should be made accessible to your staff. With an economy that’s on the downturn, job security and financial stability is a valid worry that many workers are experiencing. Thus, keep your workers in the loop by letting them know the decisions the business will make in order to move forward. This will assuage their uncertainty and boosting their confidence is precedent during such trying times.

Offer Resources And Well Being Programs

Another option is to provide access to resources that can be beneficial – be it financial assistance, online webinars and courses to even counselling services. For instance, Workday has provided 2-weeks’ pay to the majority of their workers to help cover costs that may have resulted from working remotely. Furthermore, they have also set up a relief fund for those who need extra financial support.

If you don’t have resources to provide to your workers, you can create a list of organisations that are offering services. For instance, Singapore Psychology Society has set up a list of counsellors, therapists and psychologists who are offering free or discounted therapy sessions for those who are in dire need of a mental support system. In terms of financial assistance, Temasek Trust launched the oscar@sg fund to support those who are in need. Make this list accessible to your workers and encourage them to include their findings to share with the rest!

Be Connected

Being connected goes beyond responding to emails or having weekly meetings. The move from being in the same physical office space for lease to a remote workplace, it can put a strain in the relationships amongst co-workers. Furthermore, with family members being your new ‘co-workers’, your workers may find each other’s presence a reprieve.

Consider scheduling casual meetings to talk about everything except work or the coronavirus. One approach is to have a Zoom PowerPoint parties where everybody has to prepare a short presentation on any topic they are interested in – of course, the size of the party has to depend on the size of your department or company. Doing so will not only soothe the anxiety and stress, but it will also strengthen the bond between your workers. Such initiatives are guaranteed to lift everyone’s spirits!

These are just a few tips you can do as a business to help your employees. Apart from being ethical, protecting the welfare and wellbeing is beneficial for you and your company. After all, your business is highly dependent on your employees.

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