Top Sustainable Features Of The Modern Coworking Office

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When discussing sustainability, the everyday office employees go to for work is not usually the first thing we think about. With environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors now a top priority among many businesses worldwide and the current workforce increasingly becoming environmentally conscious, organisations are making great efforts to achieve a sustainable office solution.

The ever-growing pressure of today’s climate crisis and the need for workspaces that promote employee health and well-being are two main reasons traditional offices are falling behind in corporate occupancy. Implementing sustainable design into their spaces has always been the priority of many coworking providers, which is why they are among those leading the way in sustainable office design.

Leveraging natural and renewable energy

It is no secret that only a few traditional offices extensively use the ever-abundant sunlight for lighting during the day. Many coworking offices for rent implement design choices like north-facing areas, plenty of glass, and ceiling-to-floor windows to allow as much natural light as possible into the space, reducing their power consumption and the occupants’ carbon footprint. Besides natural lighting, more and more modern coworking spaces are also using sunlight as renewable energy through solar panel installations that can help power artificial lights and many other systems in the office once the sun goes down.

Leveraging natural light is not only helpful to the environment, but it also has positive effects on the employees, as discovered by many studies, linking it to happier, healthier, and more energised workers. It is no surprise that 78 per cent of employees claim that natural light does wonders for their well-being.

Makes ‘green’ commuting much easier

A lot of thought goes into the location of coworking branches, and it is not solely for convenient access. Coworking offices tend to be thoughtfully located in a way that makes ‘green’ commuting a lot easier (i.e. commuting on foot or via bike) by being located near easy-to-get-to routes, bike paths, thoroughfares, and so on. In addition, many provide facilities like indoor bike parking or bike storage to further incentivise members to try alternative means of transportation.

Offsets carbon emissions

Coworking providers place great importance on carbon offsets like hotels, airlines, and many other businesses. Offsetting carbon emissions in a traditional office can be challenging to navigate, as many simply lack the expertise or resources to monitor the offsets of their occupants.

Coworking spaces enjoy the unique advantage of being close to their community, which means they are in an ideal place to track carbon footprints via periodic surveys and similar means. As a result, the carbon emissions generated by members and coworking staff are offset, including emissions from commuting.

Saves money and the environment

By choosing a coworking space, entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and even corporations can achieve cost savings that also help to preserve the environment. This is possible because, unlike having their separate office spaces, members no longer have to procure their own devices and resources that all add up to a significant environmental impact, from the carbon emissions during transportation to the waste generated by the product packaging as well as the disposal of old appliances and equipment and much more. Moreover, sharing a space allows for more efficient use of real estate and reduces the need to develop more land, which can also negatively affect the environment.


Coworking spaces are not just an answer to a better workplace experience but also a viable and already existing solution to more sustainable offices. For organisations looking to improve their ESG, adopting coworking spaces into their working model may well be the next best addition to their strategy.

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