Top 5 Workspace Trends That Will Shape Work In 2022

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At the beginning of last year, many expected the return to normalcy as everyone had hoped, only to be met by more volatile events that further reinforced the fact that it may be long before things truly go back to the pre-pandemic way. This year in 2022, this level of volatility is set to only increase further as high inflation levels, competition for talent, all-time high resignation rates, and the ever-persistent pandemic continues to affect global economies. Nevertheless, business leaders remain steadfast and will persevere in these trying times, moving forward using the lessons learned in the past couple of years and paving the way for these 5 workspace trends that will shape work for the rest of 2022.

1. Higher priority for employee wellbeing

The old-school insurance scheme that only comprises certain benefits with a capped amount for deductibles no longer cuts it for today’s employees dealing with more stress and pressure due to the pandemic. Now, they are looking for more precision-based care that focuses on their overall needs; essentially, higher priority towards health care and not sick care.

This demand stems from the fact that a majority of Gen Xers and millennials want more wellness-driven care that optimises their health specifically for their individual wants and needs. They have less need for sick care since they do not want to run to their primary physician every time they feel unwell. Rather, they wish to know how they can achieve better physical, mental, and spiritual health to prevent going to the doctor if possible. In short, they seek more control over their health and health care decisions and do not want to always rely on providers who only offer medications and surgery as the answer to everything.

2. More emphasis on overall safety and wellness

Securing our safety has been the most important lesson in these past couple of years, and it is certain to be the topmost priority for employers moving forward. As businesses now steadily get everyone back into the office, some post-pandemic safety measures will remain while new ones could be adopted by many, such as using UV lights to cleanse individual workspaces and even circulating the air.

Companies that have reduced their physical footprint but still need some teams to come together can opt for coworking office spaces for rent that have all these safety measures and more covered from the get-go. With hybrid working set to be the future of work, employers must spare no effort to reassure their staff’s safety by welcoming them back to a safe, clean, and hygienic office.

3. Employee-centric spaces

The need for distanced workstations, employees’ preferences for the creature comforts of working from home, and the overall desire of the modern workforce for greater flexibility in the office are only a few of the driving factors that point towards offices embracing a more employee-driven design trend. Comfortable seating options, a variety of working areas, relaxation rooms, and many other benefits and attractions serve to communicate that employers are paying more attention to their staff’s needs and wish to offer them more than just a place to do work.

4. Addressing employee burnout, turnover, and retention rates

Employee burnout, turnover, and retention are at an all-time high in every facet of the workforce, owing to the increased stress over the last couple of years. Moreover, issues like rising costs for housing and other everyday necessities have pushed the majority of this generation’s workforce to leave their unfulfilling 9-6 jobs in search of something else they are passionate about instead. Combating external and internal sources of stress can be challenging regardless of the industry in the workforce. One such approach that many have taken is to decrease their hours per week while keeping pay the same, which can increase productivity and promote better mental and physical health among staff in the medium to long term.

5. Proactiveness towards disruptions

Disruptions can come in the form of unexpected global events like the recent pandemic, but most of the time, they are more minute in scale, such as employees leaving the company on short notice. Being proactive towards these events means having plans in place to quickly bridge the gap left by said disruptions to secure business continuation. For instance, having standard operating procedures in the way of pre-recorded how-to videos can let new hires know how to efficiently perform their predecessor’s duties in these times when working from home remains largely the norm.


In these turbulent times, the workforce and their work environments are seeing more rapid and unprecedented changes than ever before. Employers should be attentive to their employees’ wants and needs and be adaptable and supportive of them to secure the growth and success of their business.

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