Top 3 Workspace Trends To Watch For In The Post-Pandemic

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up businesses around the world, causing many to either reduce their manpower, restructure their organisational setup or strategize a new business plan to stay relevant.

As the world continues to administer COVID-19 vaccinations, business owners are already starting to see the shift in their day-to-day, such as split working arrangements in the office or working from home entirely.

Given that Singapore is still transitioning to the new normal, there is no guarantee that the setup that worked before would have the same effect in a post-COVID world. Regardless, businesses and their owners have to continue to adapt and keep their engines running despite the current unpredictability of the world.

To get you on the right foot, here are some of the workspace trends that you can expect in the post-pandemic.

Fast internet connectivity is key to productivity

Virtual Company Culture

Believe it or not, some business owners are already in considerations of completely doing away with the office and having all of their employees work on a remote basis. This is in compliance with the global understanding that staying at home is the most effective way of protecting yourself from COVID-19.

The key to an agile, productive company is building a strong foundation of culture that gives employees a sense of belonging, even whilst working remotely. Coworking spaces provide functional flexibility – giving employees the freedom to work whenever while providing all the resources they need to tackle their day-to-day challenges.

The community-oriented environment at coworking spaces allows employees to enjoy an unparalleled diversity that will form the basis of a company culture that breeds adaptability and creativity in an uncertain world.

In-office operations need to comply with distancing standards

Safer workspaces with high hygiene standards and sanitisation

Gone are the days where employees can work right next to each other. As the practice of social distancing is still recommended despite the ongoing vaccinations, business owners should start restructuring their office set up so that their employees can work at least 1 meter away from each other.

In addition to providing the technical infrastructure such as high-speed fibre optic network and DDI phone lines, clean and sanitized workspaces will become an essential attribute that employees look for. For instance, coworking spaces provide daily housekeeping services that are kept to the highest standards of hygiene and maintenance to give individuals the peace of mind that their well-being is taken care of – thus allowing them to work at their best.

Co-working spaces will flourish

With the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, some business owners are still in the process of recovery from the financial implications that it wrought. Many are trying to find ways to cut back on expenses, and co-working spaces offer the opportunity to do just that.

Considering an office space for rent in Singapore will be a popular choice for businesses, both small and large in the post-pandemic – giving employees access to a fully-equipped space that is conducive and catered to your exact needs – making it easy to adapt as new measures come up.


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