Tips To Finding The Perfect First Office For Your Business

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Moving away from your home office is both an exciting and challenging point of your business. Office space in Singapore is not cheap. Therefore, choosing the right office space for a startup is essential. Apart from spending a significant amount on rent alone, the office is also an important investment for the growth of your brand and business. It is thus crucial to get it all right.

Don’t settle for just any office space for startups in Singapore. Ensure the choice workplace can support your team and allows you to thrive and grow. Below are tips to help you find the perfect first office for your business.

Get the Right Location

Whenever you are searching for any commercial real estate, the cardinal rule is securing the optimal location that would benefit your business. The location has to first be accessible to the clients and the teams. For instance, if your company makes B2B sales, it’s best to situate yourself in the central business district, placing yourself closer to your existing and potential clients. Apart from knowing who your target audience are, you need to also look out for amenities and public facilities such as the nearest MRT and the like.

Maintaining A Strict Budget

We’ve mentioned that office space in Singapore will take up a significant portion of your business expenses; thus, it will not do if you splurge more than you can afford. You will have to be strict with your budget, lest the cost accumulates over time and you have no means to keep up.

Whilst it’s crucial to rent an office that is at the optimal location, you should also be wary of the costs that might stunt your growth.  The majority of office spaces for startups in Singapore, such as co-working areas, are modelled with this in mind. Be clear and strict on how much you can spend on the lease, as well as who is responsible for maintenance. Also, ensure that you include all the expenses associated with renting the place.

Ensure The Right Infrastructure Is In Place

Before you sign the lease, have your technical team check it out. If you are working solo, consider hiring a technician, with expertise in your line of business, to check out the infrastructure at the office.

Ensure that the office has an electricity supply and a stable broadband connection. You might also want to consider having in-house facilities like staff resting areas and kitchens. Ensure that the office space has the right infrastructure to support your business.

Work As A Team

If you already have a team working with you, involve them in the selection process. You will promote teamwork, cohesiveness and loyalty amongst your team members. But more than that, you will include views from different staff members in your selection. Staffers will be excited, happier and more productive when you involve them in the process of acquiring your first office.

Employ Assistance

Finding the right office space for rent in Singapore, all whilst running a business, is a daunting exercise. Whilst this is the fundamental considerations, there are also other factors that you need to look into before choosing an office space. It’s best to hire professional help if you’re not entirely sure. It may cost you a little extra but you’ll save time and effort. Furthermore, you stand a better chance of picking the perfect office space for your startup.

With Greenhub Singapore, we’ve met the requirements above! With our modern office spaces that are equipped with greenery and tranquil setting that will bring comfort for you and your team. We are dedicated to catering to your needs, ensuring that the work experienced derived is one that is both competent and memorable.