The Productivity Tips You'll Need When Working Remotely

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With many governments declaring lockdowns to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, many startups are re-considering decisions to move to their first office space. In Singapore, the Ministry of Health has advised companies to encourage staffers to work from home where they can. This further reduces the need for office space for startups.

For many modern professionals working remotely can pose a significant threat to the development of the company. There was never an instance wherein the businesses from all sectors had to shift their physical operations over to an online space. It’s not only unfamiliar, but disconcerting as well. Aside from figuring out how to best manoeuvre through the pandemic, businesses have to ensure that productivity doesn’t plummet.

Unfortunately, managing the same level of productivity and output will be one of the most challenging tasks every worker has to overcome. With that said, here are some work-at-home tips and tricks to help you stay focus whilst you work remotely.

Have an early start

When working in an office, your daily commute in the morning gives you a slow but sure start to help you jump up your day. On the hand, the short walk from your bedroom to your desk doesn’t give you the same mental preparation.

Even if you’re stuck at home, you will still need to set systems of habits and routines to fall back to. The first thing on your to-do list will be to wake up early and make your bed. This might seem minute and mundane, but completing the first task of the day will allow you to give yourself a mental and emotional boost to continue completing the next few assignments throughout the day. Furthermore, you’ll end up with a clean and conducive working environment!

Stick to your regular routine

Part of creating systems is to stick to habits and routines that are beneficial for you. This means freshening up, making a cup of coffee and preparing a small breakfast. Stick to the comfortable routine that you’ve had when you were still working in the office for rent. Unbeknownst to many, having a routine to start the day will help us ground ourself to the present. This semblance of normalcy is even more crucial now that our lifestyles are anything but.

Create an office-like structure

With that said, there’s only so much your routine can do for you when your entire environment has changed. Thus, you will need to rework and adapt your habits to fit into the circumstances that you’re currently in.

Thus, start by delegating a spot at your home as your designated working space. It may be a study room or the dining room. Ensure that you move out of a comfortable environment, such as your bed, to a space where you are free from most distractions. As a tip, search for areas that have ample natural light.

On another note, manage your time well with a schedule. Without your business leaders or co-workers to physically check with you and engage in quick discussions, there’s more responsibility on your part to ensure that you get things done. Try out time management tricks such as the Pomodoro technique to help you get into the groove.

Work smarter during your most productive level

Your motivation level will naturally ebb and flow throughout the day. But the work-from-home challenge comes in when it can be hard to stay focus with all the distractions surrounding you. Look inward and learn more about when you are at your most productive so you can plan your schedule around it. Capitalise on your most productive period and save harder tasks when you know you will be in the right headspace to complete them. At slower points of the day, you can slow down and knock out the more manageable, menial tasks. These small acts of achievements can help to build your momentum for incoming heavier projects.

Stay connected through technology

Thanks to an array of apps and tools, communicating with your team members is still possible in spite of the distance. Find the right tools to stay connected and productive whilst working. You can keep conversations and discussions going remotely, get organised, and have more remote meetings productively.  It is also easier to check in with co-workers and see how your work is contributing to the company in the big picture.

As businesses, use this opportunity to also inform your employees of the things that have been accomplished thus far, and the goals you’ve set in the next few days or weeks. Create an avenue for open communication on both sides and encourage your workers to give you feedback and suggestions, should they have any.

These are general tips that will need fine-tuning on your part, to find one you’re comfortable enough to stick with throughout the entire circuit breaker period. As we eagerly anticipate the rolling out of Phase 2 measures, Greenhub Singapore looks forward to providing you with an office space that can optimise your productivity whilst simultaneously give you the mental reprieve. Look forward to working in an office space once again, here at Greenhub!