The Future Is Flexible: Why Coworking Is The New Future

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Despite the high adaptability of humankind, the recent pandemic truly tested this trait of ours to the extreme. When lockdowns were announced in cities worldwide, many took their work back home to stay safe. With the situation continuing to pose health risks, employers announced their long-term plans for the work-from-home model. Some even embraced it as a permanent addition to their company’s working arrangement. Today, most employees now embrace remote work with enthusiasm, having adapted to its many challenges and enjoying its countless other benefits.

As a result of this prolonged experience in working remotely, many professionals now demand a more flexible working schedule even after the pandemic ends. A survey from Envoy states that almost half of respondents, around 47 per cent, are likely to look for a new job if their employer does not adopt a flexible and hybrid working model. An article from Microsoft claims that flexible work is here to stay, with over 70 per cent of employees wanting flexible remote work options to persist moving forward. With that said, let us delve deeper as to why coworking is shaping up to be the new future for work.

More opportunities to connect

As the adage goes, “Experience is the best teacher”. While this rings true, one can also learn plenty from the experience of others. Our innate instinct to connect with our peers is a big reason for humans’ success as a species, and it is what coworking spaces use as a foundation to benefit their patrons.

According to a study, working individuals must engage and interact in places that put them near one another regardless of the differences in their fields. Coworking spaces offer such areas from the outset. They are specifically designed to encourage socialisation by promoting a lax atmosphere where members can connect spontaneously outside of organised events for networking. By cultivating these connections, workers can trade knowledge and develop relationships strengthened through mutual benefits, wherein all parties learn from the successes and mistakes of the other to grow as a person and professional.

Raises the bar for productivity

White-collar workers spend most of their day inside the office, and numerous studies revealed that the environment they work in plays a significant role in their work performance and productivity. Coworking spaces have a highly positive effect on worker productivity, as looked into by Deskmag and Deskwanted, in which their research revealed that 74 per cent of its employees flourished in coworking spaces. This correlation is what virtually all coworking spaces focus on when implementing their office design. With comfort in mind, they prioritise aspects such as lighting, seating, temperature, air quality, noise conditions, and more to ensure optimal conditions to motivate members in doing their best work.

Unfettered creativity

Creativity is an indispensable ingredient for being more open-minded, exploring unique perspectives, and problem-solving in the workplace environment. Besides promoting productivity, coworking spaces can also help instil inspiration. For one thing, these spaces offer a stimulating working atmosphere through a variety of unique room designs, colour schemes, and natural lighting. In specialised rooms like meeting rooms, creative mediums and tools like whiteboards and markers allow members to do more with their brainstorming sessions. The diverse community that frequents these areas also contributes to creativity by sharing their ideas and knowledge with other members.

Mutual success

Last but not least, coworking spaces assist professionals and companies succeed. From the outset, the latter must provide their staff with everything they need to do work, from office supplies to modern working spaces. However, when they assign them to become members of a coworking space, they no longer need to worry about creating entire floors of suitable working areas. This saves time and effort on the company’s part, and their employees can immediately focus their energy on their tasks as the rest is provided to them.


With the future of work set to become more flexible, coworking spaces are slowly but surely headed towards being a big part that makes it happen. Through these spaces, freelancers, regular employees, and business owners promote collaboration by sharing knowledge, working together, and supporting one another. Hence, with all these advantages it brings to the table, it is only fitting that coworking spaces have a place in the future of work.

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