Remote Working Challenges: Office Solutions For Employers

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The global adoption of the work-from-home model, accelerated by the recent pandemic, has led to many shifts in how we work. For starters, employers have now fully realised the many benefits remote working brings, primarily greater employee productivity and reduced costs in real estate footprint, and how they greatly affect their bottom line. Thus, many companies are now set to permanently incorporate this arrangement into their working model and explore other possibilities brought forth by this realisation, such as hiring remote workers from overseas. With remote work well-proven to be an effective arrangement, some businesses are now looking to other locations to fill their need for talent. However, as many are aware, this arrangement is not without issues, which may be further exacerbated when remote overseas workers are geographically distant from the company. So, what can be done to solve this? Enter a location-agnostic office solution in the way of coworking spaces.

How do coworking spaces address remote employees’ problems?

Coworking spaces are essentially fitted office spaces for lease wherein professionals from all backgrounds come together to work in a modern office setting conducive to productivity.

Below, we share how coworking spaces address some of the problems faced by remote employees:

  • Avoids work anxiety and stress

A disadvantage of remote working is undoubtedly the fact that there is a lack of direct contact with other employees. When this happens, feelings of anxiety and stress may start to occur as remote employees may feel isolated.

This is where coworking spaces come in – they provide a physical environment for remote employees to connect and interact with other remote workers. Access to shared resources, increased networking, enhanced work-life balance, and possibilities for professional growth are just a few of the advantages that coworking spaces bring for remote employees. Moreover, coworking spaces are specifically designed from scratch to promote productivity, meaning they employ certain design elements and colours that help achieve just that.

Remote employees who spend more time in an office benefit more from these exchanges and interactions than those who work from home the majority of the time. According to the Harvard Business Review, workers who use coworking spaces regard their job as more meaningful and have much more control of their schedules.

  • Avoids any form of distractions

A significant advantage of working from home is the fact that it can free employees from commuting – giving them ample time to prepare for their morning routines and more energy to work more efficiently. While it sounds like an excellent advantage, productivity can, however, be decreased by distractions at home.

Distractions such as binge-watching shows, playing with pets, lounging in pyjamas all day on the bed, or browsing through social media may easily disrupt remote employees’ routines and leave their work neglected, if not ignored.

Working in a coworking space prevents this from happening. These locations are intended for remote employees, allowing them to increase their productivity, meet objectives, and complete their daily work responsibilities. Flexible office spaces are one of the greatest remote employment options, making them the ideal workspace for anyone looking for routine and stability with no interruptions.

Why employers should consider placing remote employees in coworking spaces

As mentioned previously, the widespread popularity of remote working means that businesses no longer have to wait for local talent to fill their ranks when they can hasten the process by seeking them in other regions. But due to the nature of this working relationship, some potential candidates may be wary of the legitimacy of such a long-distance arrangement. Placing them in a coworking space or offering them the choice for it as one of the benefits of the role is undoubtedly a significant way to gain their confidence while also showing that they are truly part of the company.

Final word

Remote working is now part and parcel of the new normal and will continue to be the main work model for many companies moving forward until hybrid working catches on and takes the spotlight. If its inherent issues affect your team of remote employees wherever they may be, a coworking office space may be the solution for your business.

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