Refreshments In Coworking Spaces: Necessity Or Luxury?

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Coworking offers more than office space; it provides many benefits to improve a professional’s productivity and well-being. The improvements that bring forth these benefits respond to the new generation of professionals entering the workforce, who have different expectations in their work and work environment and place a high priority on agile working, technology, and their well-being.

Although a coworking space’s design elements and core amenities certainly achieve their purpose, professionals tend to overlook some minor perks that provide significant advantages, specifically refreshments. From free coffee to healthy snacks, refreshments can refer to any consumable that gives professionals the boost they might need. That begs the question: are they necessary in a coworking office or just a luxury? Read on below to find out.

Facilitates Breakthroughs And Innovation

Going for a water or coffee break now and then is essential to let the body stretch out for a bit and let the mind take a momentary breather. Apart from the short rest, having readily-available refreshments in hotspots like common areas and lounges may facilitate more breakthroughs and innovations between coworking members.

One of the key benefits of coworking spaces is network opportunities whenever and wherever within the office grounds. That is made possible with the inevitable small talk that lets professionals from different backgrounds open up and communicate with each other, from their shared interests to the troubles they might face at work. Thus, offering refreshments where people can congregate and socialise is undoubtedly a great way to incentivise and pull coworking members together and get them to interact spontaneously.

Great For Sustaining Productivity

Everyone knows that a long meeting or brainstorming session can leave us a bit drained and sometimes hungry afterwards, leading to workplace unproductivity. Since our minds cannot perform well when our stomach is bothering us, having free snacks and beverages readily available helps coworking members sustain their productivity whenever they need it and minimises the chances of them feeling burnt out during working hours.

Save Time

Having to leave for 10 to 15 minutes to go out and get a bite or a drink effectively means a loss in productivity. Moreover, it can be distracting to these employees and put a pause to their working mindset. Hence, choosing a coworking space that provides refreshments in-house would eliminate the need to go out and buy them, saving time that can be better spent on things that matter most.

Promote Physical Well-being

By providing healthy snacks, coworking spaces effectively promote the mental well-being of their members and their physical health. Since not everyone actively seeks out healthy options during their weekly grocery runs, offering fruits and other nutritious snacks is one of the best ways coworking spaces can directly improve their members’ lives. Snacks, such as apple chips, dried fruits, almonds, edamame, and protein cookies, are popular choices available.


Refreshments are an often overlooked yet essential amenity in any workplace setting. By bringing them into coworking, their presence complements and improves the benefits that coworking members enjoy while working in such spaces.

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