Pandemic Woes: Where To Work For A Fresh Change Of Space

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Isolation, distractions, low motivation, burnout, and the blur between one’s private and work life are only a few of the glaring issues that may be gnawing away at the productivity of the typical remote employee. With the pandemic still posing a threat today and cases even on the rise again in some parts of the world, working at home remains the best way to stay safe and continue earning a living in today’s climate.

However, due to those problems mentioned above, workers may see their performance dip to alarming levels and, if it persists, could endanger their job security. So, what can be done to prevent this? Naturally, finding ways to resolve such issues is a logical way to go about it, but it will take some time to fully accomplish. If you are interested in quickly solving many of the problems that plague the work from home arrangement while also getting a change of pace, switching to a coworking space may be the solution for you.

What are coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces are office spaces for rent wherein professionals of all kinds, from entrepreneurs and freelancers to regular employees and their teams, can rent out a professional, fully furnished, and modern working space on much more flexible terms than traditional leasing. Workers can typically rent out by desk type and other spaces they may need, like conference or meeting rooms. Still, some coworking spaces also allow for bigger arrangements, such as leasing entire offices for teams or departments.

As you may have already surmised from the name, coworking spaces entail workers gathering in one place to do individual work while sharing resources to achieve their goals, such as office supplies, amenities, and working space. This arrangement is what enables coworking spaces to be more affordable than traditional offices since the financial burden is shouldered equally by the community of workers.

How a fresh change of space can benefit you

As mentioned previously, switching to coworking can bring about a much-needed change of pace that reinvigorates your work performance. Below, we outline the details of how coworking spaces achieve this.

  • A sense of community

Being in the company of like-minded professionals brings back that sense of community and belonging most employees got used to in traditional office work. As such, any feelings of loneliness will quickly be diminished as you now work in the presence of other hardworking individuals. Moreover, this can also do wonders for your productivity as seeing others invested in their work can influence you and prompt you to do the same.

  • Return to a more professional and productivity-conducive environment

In contrast to a home office, coworking spaces are entirely separate from your residence. As a result, it disperses those feelings of familiar comfiness that could interfere with your work and replaces it with a more professional atmosphere that lets you fully switch to a work mindset. Furthermore, coworking spaces are different from traditional or home offices in that they are designed with promoting productivity and well-being in mind.

For instance, many coworking spaces tend to adopt or are inspired by biophilic design schemes and incorporate elements that remind us of nature, such as plants and greenery. Psychologists from the University of Exeter in the UK found that employee performance improves significantly, with around a 15 per cent productivity increase, when a working environment incorporates plants in its design.

Besides plants, natural lighting also plays a similar role in helping boost productivity. In 2017, research conducted by Professor Alan Hedge from Cornell University revealed that office workers experienced less eyestrain and headaches when exposed to natural lighting. These two health issues are generally attributed to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

  • Plenty of networking opportunities

Any employee looking to advance their career will always be on the lookout for networking opportunities. Thankfully, there are plenty of chances to do just that in coworking spaces. As a hub full of workers from different fields and backgrounds, spontaneous encounters and collaborations are always just around the corner. Moreover, community managers also host networking events from time to time, so you have plenty of time to catch up even when you do not have the time to socialise every day.


With work from home looking to be the mainstay working arrangement for some businesses in the foreseeable future, it is recommended for remote employees to seek a change of pace if they believe it is time for a breath of fresh air.

At GreenHub Singapore, we provide modern and green coworking office spaces for lease, perfect for remote workers looking to switch up their workday. Fully furnished and constantly sanitised, our office spaces guarantee peace of mind while working in a productivity-conducive environment that promotes your well-being.