How Your Office Space Can Affect The Company's Image

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There is a specific image in mind that new or potential clientele are looking forward to encountering and that image is often defined by the office space. There should be essential traits incorporated by an office space, so that it bolsters the company’s image.

That can be done by,

Being Clean

Hygiene is paramount in our day to day lives. It should not stop once we leave the house but where we work as well. Imagine having a company that deals with cleaning products but a client comes to the office and what they meet is disorderliness, papers strewn everywhere and dirty toilets. Not only will the image of the company be compromised but its credibility to deliver good service too. This will even have more negative effects on the employee that has to stay in that Singapore office space for a certain amount of hours every day. Ensure that all the employees know the importance of taking care of their surroundings even if there is a janitor to clean up. The clean environment will elevate their moods drastically.


This factor can be taken for granted, but it says a lot about your business /company. Choosing the right kind of seating for both your employees and your clients can go a long way in ensuring that you up your client list. The way the furniture is laid out is also crucial. If there are too cramped, then the employees might even feel the same way. Proper seating for your staff will help their bodies be alert and hence be more productive. Their chairs should be able to support their backs when seated. Slouching should not be encouraged. The way you decorate the office should also be taken into account. Some plants strategically placed around the office can make the place bright and inviting.


The office should be a representation of the product or service that they offer. Having signage in the office will be a constant reminder to the team about their goals and mission. They can also be allowed to incorporate that in their respective desks.

Let your office be a place that your workers will feel comfortable and happy; this will reflect positively on the client too.

Getting more business depends mainly on the confidence shown by the people who work there. The working conditions of a company can be gauged by the way employees carry themselves, dress and even talk.