How to Search for a Suitable Office Space to Rent

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Searching for office space can be a tiresome experience if not done the right way. However, knowing how to go about it will save you both time and money.  The office is the face of your business.  Having an office in an unfavourable location can negatively impact the growth of your business. This means that there are a number of things you will need to consider when searching for an office space to rent in Singapore. Below are steps to assist you to find the ideal office space to rent.

Search the Internet

This is the quickest and easiest way to search for anything. To narrow down your search, include your geographic location in the search. You will find both big and small office space for rent in Singapore at very affordable rates. The offices are advertised, and you can find all relevant information including rental rates, size and amenities available.

Set a Budget

The cost of renting an office depends on the class of office space you choose to lease. Without a budget, it will be very difficult to locate an affordable office. Having a financial strategy will help you narrow your search to the class of office space to rent you can afford. This advantage also extends to running the office as you will always be able to monitor the finances you channel towards rent annually. When drafting a budget, factor in additional costs upfront. These costs can include maintenance and utilities such as electricity.

Evaluate your Office Needs

Your office needs will determine the size of the space you are going to rent. This can be influenced by the members of employees you have, the office equipment you need and the activities you wish to undertake there. Adequate space will also allow for creativity in office layout. You will need an office that has good accessibility so as to meet your client’s needs. These things should be your focus as you search for the best place to rent your office.

Visit the Premises for Viewings

After choosing a few potential premises to rent office space online, make the effort to visit the places and check that everything advertised is indeed included. You understand your needs better than anyone else. During the viewing, check how accessible the building is, the amenities inside the building, as well as the office space for rent. Seek to find out the security features there and the conditions of the building’s electronic systems.

Negotiate the Lease

When you have chosen the ideal space to set up your office, it is important to make sure you get the best deal out of the lease. Make sure you understand the type of lease you have and the terms you are required to adhere to. Pay attention to the base rent and all other additional costs.  Know what is yours to cover and what the landlord caters for. Also, see that you are aware and comfortable with the rent escalation percentage as will be indicated on the agreement. Finally, you can then sign an agreement and move into your new office.