How The Hybrid Work Model Is Changing Business Post-COVID

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Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have been forced to adapt and evolve with the times to ensure their survival. Given the restrictions imposed against crowds gathering in confined spaces, working in a physical office has become less viable across the globe.

Today, companies have recognised the viability of the work-from-home arrangement and have adopted it as part of their business practices. This has also led to the creation of the hybrid work model – discover how this working arrangement functions and how it’s transforming the businesses of today and tomorrow.

What Is The Hybrid Work Model?

Put simply, the hybrid work model consists of a working arrangement in which employees spend half of their time working in the office and the other elsewhere in a remote location. This model can primarily take on two forms:

1. Companies dictate when their employees must work in the office. They could decide to have their people do regular office work for a certain number of days per week or on specific days only. This decision must ultimately consider the synergy of the business’s departments, rotation of their schedules, and available office capacity in adherence to existing safety regulations.

2. Employees express their preferences to their managers and reach a compromise with a schedule that works for everyone on the team. Additionally, if their duties don’t require them to be present in the office at all, they can choose to work in the office only as frequently as they’d prefer.

How Is It Transforming The Businesses Of Today?

While having a traditional office space for employees was essential for businesses just a couple of years ago, the inclusion of the hybrid work model means that companies no longer need to invest in office space to house their employees for day to day operations. Moreover, fewer people in the office also makes it easier to adhere to social distancing requirements to ensure employee safety in the office.

As mentioned earlier, schedules are key to a successful hybrid work model. But oftentimes, companies require certain teams or departments to remain in close proximity even when they’re not working in the office. The answer to this problem is readily available, and it lies in coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces offer cheap office space for rent without compromising on the essentials of a traditional office space. These furnished office spaces often include far more flexible lease terms and are designed for the hybrid work model – companies can assign said teams in the office on days when close and immediate communication is a must without worrying about amenities. This solution presents an opportunity to successfully implement remote work while preserving the benefits of working in a traditional office.

Adopting It For Your Business

The hybrid work model offers the best of both worlds in the new normal - possessing all the benefits of both remote work and working in a physical space to reach the best-case scenario. This allows companies to adapt and realign their operations to maximise efficiency and minimise additional costs during this trying period.

Most importantly, companies must reassess their priorities and determine which business tasks are essential and depending on the company’s culture and business goals, they should come up with an arrangement that’s unique to the business’s needs and preferences.


Due to the necessity and effectiveness of remote work, it comes as no surprise that businesses are now adopting it into their operations, thus paving the way for the rise of the hybrid work model worldwide. Once this model becomes the new standard post-COVID, it’s sure to only become much more polished and efficient over time.

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