How Does A Coworking Space's Design Matter in Productivity?

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Everyone knows that the most critical asset that any company can have is the employees. As the main driving force that propels businesses towards their goals, these skilled professionals create value that promotes sustainable growth. Hence, making sure that their work productivity stays high is indispensable to any business venture.

However, with the changing times and new generation of workers, it only makes sense that the culture of cultivating employee productivity must also evolve in step.

One such evolution centres around the working environment itself in the form of coworking spaces. Below, we shall focus on its design philosophy and uncover its role in boosting the productivity of the modern-day worker.

Promotes a constant refreshing change to employees’ working attitude

Although still doable, remaining productive for long periods in a traditional workplace setting is becoming more challenging for many. Because office employees spend most of their time inside a building, the physical environment plays a huge role towards their well-being.

Numerous studies have revealed that the setup of the physical office can have a significant influence towards the employees’ behaviours, perceptions and productivities. Hence, the choice of workplace may change the working behaviour of the employee.

For example, working near the pantry may have the employee be more casual and relaxed in terms of working. However, working at a quiet booth may have them switch into professional mode and concentrate on their work fully.

Therefore, it is pivotal to choose a quality office setting that provides the necessary physical environment that allows a change of pace to do one’s work comfortably and designed to promote productivity in different ways.

As such, coworking spaces can help encourage workers to keep up their performance and continue to strive. Being in an open space allows the employee to surround themselves with the necessary ambience to do their work, which will inspire them to love what they do.

This can then lead to uncovering new ideas and solutions and ultimately, flourishing in a way that they never could in a single environment. Moreover, the energy in these startup office spaces in Singapore significantly differs since everyone will make the most of every second they have compared to just patiently waiting for time to run out before the end of the workday.

The layout offers more flexibility

Going back to the change in environment, this also applies even within the coworking space itself. Thanks to the open layout typical of such work settings, employees can freely move within the area and do their tasks in places most conducive to accomplishing their work.

If they need to focus on a task and avoid distractions, private spaces like personal booths and similar working areas exist for such a reason. Similarly, work that requires collaborative effort can be accomplished in common areas where other professionals can offer insights and solutions.

Design elements that boost productivity

Coworking spaces are built from the ground up with the sole objective of creating a workplace setting that brings the best out of every professional that uses them. Therefore, it only makes sense to incorporate certain design elements that elevate work performance.

One of these elements is natural lighting. Studies have found that optimising the amount of natural light within a business office rental can drastically improve the health and wellness of employees, resulting in gains in productivity.

Another feature that provides the same benefits is greenery. By bringing a touch of nature into the office, one UK study determined a 15 per cent increase in productivity among employees. At the same time, another study in the US discovered that 10 per cent of employee sick days could be attributed to a lack of greenery and natural light.


In summation, a forward-thinking and effective design structure makes coworking spaces more than an office and great at promoting productivity among independent professionals and business employees alike. By understanding the modern worker and providing the foundation they need to work well, you can help improve their performances.

If you are ready to make the switch to coworking spaces, Greenhub can be of assistance. Our modern coworking spaces are fully furnished and equipped with the office supplies and appliances needed to get work done and enhanced by green design elements proven to boost your productivity and promote well-being.