How Coworking Spaces Can Help Your Start-Up Business Thrive

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many of us have adopted new daily habits in all aspects of our lives. Working from home (WFH) is one of the many practices – while it’s an attractive option when it comes to flexibility and independence, it still has its disadvantages, including the lack of human contact and proper organisational culture.

However, these two factors are vital to a thriving start-up business, which is why there remains a high demand for startup office spaces in Singapore. As a small business owner, keeping your costs to a minimum is always top-of-mind, and spending too much on a traditional office space may not be a wise financial decision. Thankfully, start-up owners now have the option of considering a small business space for rent in Singapore.

Coworking spaces can provide the best of both worlds by supplementing current WFH arrangements with the benefits of traditional office space whenever required. Here are three ways coworking spaces can help your start-up to thrive in the new normal.

Coworking Offers Greater Flexibility

Working remotely during the pandemic offers an employee many benefits. Aside from saving precious time on commuting, employees report greater overall satisfaction after having more autonomy at home.

However, employees still need common spaces to communicate and share ideas. While there are plenty of virtual tools available to facilitate bonding and communication, nothing trumps the effectiveness of communicating in person with body language and clearer facial cues.

Sometimes, employees prefer a dedicated space to work outside of their homes. With a clear distinction between work and personal space, employees may also feel a greater work-life balance.

Thus, coworking spaces can strike a good balance between working remotely and working in a traditional office space. Employers can leave their employees to work from home at their own pace while keeping the option of working in a common space open if they find that they will be more productive doing so.

Coworking Helps Cut Costs

As working remotely becomes a big part of the new normal, employers continue to pay rent even when offices are no longer in use. At the same time, the pandemic has also made companies more cautious with their spending and budgeting, as economic conditions are especially precarious.

Especially for a start-up, cutting costs and budgeting are huge concerns as potential funds can be delegated for projects to help your company grow. Start-up businesses may not find it cost-effective to rent an entire office for just a small team, but coworking spaces can provide the benefits of a common space without adding unnecessary costs.

Offering cheaper and more flexible leases compared to conventional office spaces while retaining many of the benefits, such as printing and internet services – start-up owners can simultaneously cut costs while encouraging productivity!

Coworking Provides Ample Opportunities For Networking

Networking is especially important for start-ups. As new players in the industry, it is essential to connect with bigger household names and industry leaders that will be able to offer ample opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

By connecting with these bigger players, you can also seek feedback from them. Coworking spaces can bridge the gap between different companies as they work together in a central environment, opening up opportunities for socialising and connecting with others while fostering employees’ sense of autonomy and creativity.


These are just a few of the many reasons why your start-up should consider a coworking space in the new normal. Telecommuting doesn’t have to stifle productivity and compromise organisational culture, and having a conducive office space for your employees doesn’t always have to be costly. A coworking space will be able to marry the best of both worlds to help your start-up flourish in the new normal.

At Greenhub Singapore, we offer a myriad of office spaces for rent in Singapore that are both modern and green. Aside from the benefits of a usual coworking space, our functional and sleek interior design will be able to provide the perfect environment that your start-up needs to cook up your next big idea. Contact us to get a quote on your desired office space today!