How Coworking Spaces Benefit The Introverts And Extroverts

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Working in a coworking space is a novel experience in and of itself. It is an office environment that welcomes all kinds of professionals with diverse job positions from various industries. This diversity also brings with it many different personality types that can all be generally classified into introversion, extroversion, or somewhere in between. Despite these differences, they all share one thing in common: they go to coworking spaces to get work done.

As coworking spaces grow more popular over time, driven by causes ranging from work-from-home fatigue to the gradual adoption of hybrid working, many grow curious as to whether they can thrive in such a workplace, given their personality type. Below, we go over why coworking office spaces for rent accommodate all personality types and the benefits they bring to introverts and extroverts.


  • More control over when they want to interact with others

Coworking spaces work for all personality types since they offer something for everyone, as we all naturally thrive in plug-and-play offices. For those curious as to why introverts would purposefully surround themselves with unknown people, the fact is that they are not entirely averse to socialising; they generally just find it draining to be around people for long periods. Therefore, they still need to be around people to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for their improvement.

Conventional office environments rarely give introverted employees control over social exposure, which is why they appear vulnerable. Remote working may snuff out their spark, leading to them developing feelings of isolation that prods them into nesting in their comfort zone, which is disadvantageous in the long run. This is why coworking spaces may be the best option for such self-contained individuals.

In a coworking office, introverts have more control over when to interact with others. They can set the pace that they are content with and interact with whomever they want, whenever they want. Social interactions occur naturally within the office, and there is no need to get acquainted with everyone. As such, the atmosphere feels relaxed and at ease.

  • The amenities coworking spaces provide

Another advantage of coworking spaces for introverts is the plethora of amenities they provide. From hot desks and conference rooms to dedicated offices and isolation booths, members can switch up where they work throughout the day depending on where they feel most productive. Suppose they need the help of colleagues or another professional with different expertise. In that case, they can visit communal areas like the lounge to brainstorm or simply hit up a conversation with someone nearby. Should they need to focus on something without distractions, focus booths and quiet corners can be found all over the coworking space.

In summary, coworking offices allow introverted employees to set their own pace with whomever they want without any pressure to get along with everyone, develop their social skills, and be self-sufficient while retaining their private spaces where they can recharge and be most productive.


  • The ability to meet their social needs

Extroverts will feel much more at home in coworking spaces than in their actual homes since there are more people they can interact with in person beyond just their family members. The shift to remote working at home due to the pandemic will have largely affected these types of employees as they lose that in-person social contact with their peers and are replaced by emails and video conferencing. As such, extroverts are most likely to spend all their remote working days in the coworking office where they are in their element. Their high expectations of sociability, knowledge exchange, making small talk, and getting quick help can be met.

  • Coworking spaces give extroverts a sense of belonging

Despite still working remotely, being in a coworking space will feel no different to working at the office as the members nearby give that sense of belongingness extroverts seek. Excellent networking opportunities, a unique advantage of coworking spaces, can play to their benefit as daily organic encounters like spontaneous meetings over coffee or small talk in the lounge can spark new ideas that help with their work. Furthermore, the regular networking events and other community activities hosted by coworking spaces can also introduce them to new opportunities to level up their career.

All in all, the community of coworking spaces allows extroverts to flourish and do their best work compared to staying at home. The abundance of shared workspaces and communal areas lets them perfectly balance their work, and the busy energy of other professionals fuels them to be productive.


Coworking spaces are flexible working environments designed for all personality types and use cases that a modern employee would need – if anything, it seems like coworking is the new future. With fully furnished office appliances and supplies, green design elements that promote one’s well-being, and different working areas for various purposes, coworking spaces can accommodate all personality types in need of a more proper workplace environment. If you are now interested in giving coworking a try, GreenHub Singapore provides the offices mentioned above with various memberships and service options. Contact us today to see our spaces for yourself and get started with coworking!