Helpful Tips For Renting An Office Space

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Walking into another office to get the “wow” factor takes more than you can see. The business owner has followed certain channels to get to this specific office space. A proper guide is very crucial especially for someone looking into starting their business for the first time. This article will discuss the various factors and tips that you need to follow in order to get the best office space.

Have a List

It is often difficult to remember everything your office needs. At this time, you may have multiple things in mind to remember pertaining starting up of your office. List the amount and type of furniture you need to determine if they fit into the office space you are considering renting. When you come up with the desired size for your office, write it down as well to remember. For example, wanting a small office rental in Singapore means you’ll need to buy smaller furniture. Keep these details in mind by having a list.

Short or Long Term Renting

Renting office space involves two kinds of contract. The first is a short term while the other is a long term renting contract. First, consider how long a renting contract in Singapore will take for both long and short term. Choosing the right renting period depending on the amount of time you wish to be in the offices. When renting for the first time, consider a short term contract that is renewable.

Repairs and Services

When venturing into a small office for rent in Singapore, it is important to ask who is responsible for repairs. This may, later on, turn to an extra financial budget you did not overlook. Let this be clear before you go ahead to sign the renting contract. It is also important to be aware of the services provided by the landlord. This will vary from one office owner to the other. However, ensure that you get the basic services that include garbage collection, heating, internet and cleaning. Ensure the office also has washrooms for the convenience of your clients and staff.


Be it a long-term or short-term office rental in Singapore; it’s very important to need assurance that your property is properly secured. Also to consider are the safety measures put in place to ensure safety in our office. Is the main entrance manned, and is there surveillance cameras installed? These are the guiding questions you ought to ask when renting office space, especially for the first time. Data and office property need to be in a secure place.

Room for Growth

Another great tip to renting office space is leaving room for growth. This is when you are determining the ace your office requires, always have a few extra square metres where you can set up an extra office.

When renting office space, always ensure that you get rent that is affordable. Ensure your business can sustain paying the rent until it is well established. When it comes to the location, consider one that is in a prime area. This could be near like businesses, or near banks, train stations and airports. Consider office space that will also include a kitchen since it is essential at the office space.