Fostering A Community Of Productivity In A Coworking Space

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It’s an undeniable fact that coworking office spaces have something that traditional office spaces don’t, else why would small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers flock to such spaces to do their work. That something being a dynamic community working in a productivity-conducive environment.

Whilst these environments offer you a space for maximised productivity, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’d be able to revel in such benefits if you yourself don’t implement productivity practices. Cultivating productive habits in your workers will take a bit of time and effort on your part, so read on to know 3 critical ways to achieve this.

1. Optimise Your Team’s Work Environments Through Variety

The environment that you’re working in plays a critical role in determining how efficient you are in completing your tasks for the workday. It’s vital to have access to spaces that offer little to no interruptions to complete your tasks, and others that allow free communication for team meetings and brainstorming sessions.

As such, it’s best to offer a wide selection of working areas available to your workers so that they can position themselves in suitable environments and get their jobs done quickly. From quiet, solitary booths to inviting common areas, make sure to provide enough variety that will work for all of your members.

2. Add In Some Quality of Life Extras

By opting for a coworking furnished office space instead of leasing a traditional office, you’re sure to save on costs. For instance, a significant sum is saved from not spending on many office necessities, such as furniture and amenities. Those savings could then be used to purchase nifty extras that your members will appreciate.

As an example, you could start a shared accessories program that allows your team to borrow certain high-end helpful equipment to aid in their productivity. Noise-cancelling headphones, laptop and phone chargers, and blankets are only a few of the many possible devices and articles you can include in this program.

3. Dedicate Time For Social Activities

If there is one thing that social scientists have realised, it’s that productivity goes hand in hand with one’s mental and physical wellness. As such, it’s vital to break up monotonous routines every once in a while, to make space for a breather and respite. As a company, you can start by dedicating a slot of time for your team to gather and engage in social interactions and activities. It doesn’t have to be anything too grand either; something as simple as holding team lunches every other day is a good start.

Also, don’t forget to make the most out of the included amenities that coworking spaces usually provide, such as indoor gym, game room and lounge. If you need help in developing more ideas, your coworking space’s community manager can certainly help you out.


Coworking spaces are designed to promote productivity from the get-go. By capitalising on what it offers and supplementing them with productivity-enhancing methods, your company can foster a productive environment that benefits not only your team but also the other people that you share the office with.

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