Everything You Need To Know About Modern Working Spaces

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Without a doubt, the contemporary office space is a marvel of beauty. The endless rows of closed-off cubicles of the past have now given way to expansive spaces, natural lighting and greenery, and more vibrant colours. This drastic transition has undoubtedly had a remarkable effect on employee creativity, productivity, and satisfaction worldwide. Not to mention, this heavily improved design also serves as a big wow factor for outside visitors and gives them a great first impression of the company. But besides the three aspects mentioned above, what exactly makes a modern working space? Below, go over the three essential categories that make up a workplace that employees would enjoy being in.

The essential components of a contemporary office environment

1. The workplace

Creativity, collaboration, and communication – these are the three Cs of business that all managers aim to promote among their teams. Once this set of behaviours permeates everything your employees do, only then can you consistently get high-quality work. While there are plenty of ways to stimulate these three Cs, the most effective method is through the workplace environment your employees spend most of their day in.

  • Promote flexibility through variety

Not all tasks are equal. Some are best completed in isolation and silence, while others need multiple minds working together to get the best results. Therefore, strive to incorporate various work environments in the office; these are essentially just subdivisions of larger spaces like an entire floor. From quiet corners to collaboration areas and everything in between, look into what your employees may need to efficiently and effectively achieve their day-to-day tasks.

Apart from helping employees do their jobs better, it is also best to think about their personal safety regarding the layout. The risk of COVID-19 infection in the workplace ranks among the top reasons why many employees are opposed to the idea of returning to the office, even for just a few days per week. Thus, managers should properly space out employees to promote their safety in the office.

  • Minimise the noise

Modern offices with open plan designs can carry sound further, which means they can be rather noisy and potentially affect worker productivity. To cut down this problem, you may use sound-abatement tools such as:

  • Soft furnishings (such as fabric sofas and chairs)
  • Curtains
  • Acoustic wall panels and ceilings
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Quiet keyboards

Combining these will work wonders in reducing noise pollution prevalent in large open offices.

  • Incorporate biophilic design elements

More and more companies are recognising the advantages of plants and natural or biophilic design elements in their office’s design aesthetic. Biophilic design is all about helping humans with their need to connect with nature, which results in better health, increased creativity, heightened concentration, and improved work performance. There are several ways to include biophilic design in your office, starting with:

  • Natural materials like stone and wood
  • Natural outside lighting via glass ceilings or large windows
  • Indoor plants that can purify the air
  • Views of outside nature through windows or murals


  • Build community spirit through recreational and amphitheatre spaces

Here, see, speak together – recreational and amphitheatre corners in the office do just that and more. They provide several benefits above the conventional board room for organisations operating at full capacity. In addition to providing employees with a sense of self-importance and elegant individual sitting, they may also provide flexible communal workspaces that can be rearranged to build community spirit by accommodating group collaborations, physical models, and other breakouts. Chairs may be curved or tiered and have control panels for private communications. For easier seeing and access, the primary presentation area may be elevated. Voices naturally go up and outward in an amphitheatre – each presenter might feel as though their presence is pertinent to the matter at hand when colleagues can hear and see each other well.

2. Technology

Updated technology not only helps employees increase their work productivity, but it can also make their workday easier in several ways. By making the most of these tools and technologies, businesses can offer better convenience as well as collaboration among employees.

  • Provide data access everywhere

The modern workplace is built around the idea that employees should be able to do their work anywhere in the office. This means extending network coverage to wherever they can hunker down and do their tasks. From a design perspective, this entails providing a stable Wi-Fi signal and plenty of secure Ethernet ports everywhere that work can be done.

  • Employ collaboration tools

The right collaboration tools can make all the difference in your employees’ productivity. Modern offices are steadily adopting new technologies like digital whiteboards, touchscreen displays, and wireless projectors to make collaboration easier, seamless, and convenient. This also extends to the online space wherein cloud-based group apps lets teams work together on a project regardless of the devices they use or where they may be located, either inside or outside the office.

3. Team members

Naturally, modern office spaces are made with the employees in mind as they are the ones that will be using the place. Designing these environments should revolve around their needs and what drives them best.

  • Create workable spaces everywhere

Businesses should create workable spaces everywhere within the office, so that their employees can work anywhere that suits their needs throughout the workday. That means power points and stable Wi-Fi connection should be available across the office such as lounge area, pantry, break-out area, etc. This allows employees the freedom to think and brainstorm new ideas. As mentioned previously, different tasks require different ways to be completed efficiently, and your employees know how they can best do their jobs.

Furthermore, this freedom should extend to their working arrangement as a whole. After working from home for at least two years due to the pandemic, many have now acclimated and gotten used to the autonomy, flexibility, and safety of working remotely.

According to a FlexJobs survey of more than 2,100 remote workers, a whopping 65 per cent of respondents wanted to keep working remotely full-time even after the pandemic. Additionally, 59 per cent of workers stated they would not hesitate to leave their post if their company did not let them continue working remotely. Other surveys and findings voice the same opinions, so it would be great to find the best compromise with your staff on the working arrangement that works for everyone.

  • Prioritise wellness

With the stresses from the pandemic and current events, the office should be a safe space where employees can forget their worries and focus on their work. Essentially, modern offices should contribute to their employees’ health and wellness. A healthy employee is a happy and productive member of the entire business process.

From healthy foods and snacks to open spaces for yoga and meditation, there are plenty of methods to promote workers’ well-being. If you are unsure which options would better serve and appeal to your staff, do not hesitate to ask for their suggestions and ideas on what they would like to have.

Get the modern office space you need today

Designing a modern office takes a lot of planning, imagination, forethought, and time – all of which may exhaust your company and keep your teams from working smoothly. Fortunately, you do not have to start from scratch.

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