Embracing The New Way Of Working: Virtual Workspaces

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COVID19 or otherwise, we’ve seen how digitalisation has effectively transformed the trajectory of the economy, the workings of industries down to the very way companies are approaching work. With the technological advancements – both hardware and software – work has never been as flexible as today.

One of the many changes that were readily accepted and integrated into several companies is the concept of remote working. Cloud hosting has made virtual, collaborative workspaces possible; where employees are given the tools and resources they need to access and work on their tasks at any given location and time. If you need more reasons to make the shift, here are 3 of them!

1. Stand A Better Chance Of Managing Possible Disruptions

If there is one thing that the COVID19 pandemic has taught us, it’s that preparation and adaptability are key elements that will allow businesses to survive any possible disruptions. To protect your business from the risk of permanently ceasing operation, you’ll need to be ready to face the inevitable disruptions and be quick on the feet when finding and implementing viable solutions.

A virtual workspace gives you the flexibility to build a central virtual hub wherein employees can work from the confines in their own home, and utilise a physical room only when you need to. This is especially important now that social distancing is at the very core of safeguarding one’s health. Besides, not having a physical space means you have one last thing to worry about when there is a disruption to your business. You can focus on diverging your resources to the proper channels, and managing your operations and logistics without having to worry about office rent, infrastructure and the like.

Having a virtual workspace will not only allow your business to continue operating despite the circumstances, but will also empower your employees to work in a safe environment of their choosing.

2. Flexibility For Future Growth

One of the greatest perks of virtual workspaces is its flexibility and extensive customisation. As the economic and business landscapes change with time, you will need a platform that is just as malleable to allow your business to keep up with the pace. Moreover, you can make such changes with just a click of a finger. Time is of utmost importance, and the ability to make instant changes, especially during critical times, is key for business growth.

3. A Cost-Effective Approach

Having your employees work remotely will automatically put your physical office space for rent to nought. This translates to the cutting down of your IT budget, rental costs and utility bills – which are attractive perks all on its own. Doing so will allow you to prioritise other areas in your business that are in need of capital, which will ultimately value add to your bottom line.

As a result of the much-needed shutdown, Post-COVID19 has seen a drastic increase in companies embracing remote work as they try their utmost to keep businesses afloat. As the world continues to cosy up to the niceties that come with remote work, several companies have been reevaluating their need for a physical office space for lease.

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