Discussion: Is Hybrid Work Model The Best of Both Worlds?

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The sudden arrival of last year’s pandemic prompted businesses to quickly adapt to the economic changes and challenges it brought with it. One such strategy that immediately got adopted worldwide is remote work or the work-from-home arrangement.

This swift and widespread adoption allows many companies to continue day-to-day operations and is still being observed today. Moreover, with the experience gained since its implementation, businesses realise its practical viability and consider a hybrid work model that incorporates it with the traditional working arrangement.

With that said, this idea of a hybrid model is not new. Even before the advent of the pandemic, decoupling work and where it is completed has already been underway. However, the transition from the expensive and conventional office setting has accelerated during post-COVID when businesses explored other working models out of necessity.

Based on a Wakefield Research survey, around 87% of workers have developed a preference for splitting their work time between the home and office. After all, staying home allows them to better balance and enjoy their personal lives around their workload. The advantages that come with working from home is undoubtedly accurate but only up to an extent.

Working at a coworking space has also proven to be essential for employee wellbeing too. Being in an office-like environment helps keep workers grounded by their work routine, provides them with the vital sense of collaboration and engagement with real people working on real projects, and maintains their social life by staving off isolation.

Like the offices of before, coworking spaces aids in maintaining boundaries around work and prevent it from taking over an employee’s personal time, which is not a bad thing at all.

Under this new mix of physical and digital arrangement, employee productivity has shown considerable improvements alongside their contentment for their role. People want to go back to doing work the way they are used to, but better.

Moreover, according to a PwC survey, as many as 68% of employers want their workers to be present in the office at least thrice a week. Excitingly, what defines ‘working in office’ now is debatable.

This potentially complete change in the way people work also comes with a radical and hybridised concept of the modern workspace, at least for work that employees can accomplish their work digitally. Various companies will make their version of this based on their needs. The lack of fixed ideas of what makes hybrid workspaces affordable and efficient is the most significant advantage.

Nevertheless, we can expect ideas such as hoteling spaces replacing dedicated workstations, resources like brainstorming rooms and podcasting studios to be up for reservation, and casual arrangements that allow office space access for a few days a month if necessary.

That works similarly for small businesses that do not require their own office spaces and prefer business office rentals and bigger ones that retain a dispersed workforce. Besides these, who knows what other fresh innovations can arise from unplanned yet fortuitous interactions of these companies of varying calibres?

Demand for flexible workspaces is expected to grow six times what it is today. Specifically, a prediction of 30% of all office space will have more flexibility by the end of the decade.

With this incoming change that overhauls the way most people work, it is best to get ahead as soon as today by trying out coworking spaces to understand the specific needs of your business.

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