Discussion: Does Office Set-Up Influence Creativity?

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For many, having a desk amongst rows of cubicles and an office chair is all that is necessary to do work. While that certainly holds true in the general sense, it is crucial to be aware that what may have been enough for the previous generation of employees may sometimes no longer suffice for today’s modern workforce. As many have now recognised, the office itself and how it is set up can substantially affect the creativity and, ultimately, the productivity of this generation’s talented professionals.

Businesses that fail to see the potential in revamping their office environment are sure to miss out on the many advantages of having a well-designed office space that reflects the company’s brand and image and, most importantly, gets the creative juices of their staff flowing. But with that said, how exactly does the choice and arrangement of office furnishings, the inclusion of certain interior design elements, and the cohesion of both directly promote creativity in employees? Let us dive into the key factors involved and analyse the role they play.

Flexible working areas allow for more collaboration and enhance efficiency

Going back to the topic of cubicles, they are indeed practical furnishings that allow companies to easily reorganise office setups and provide individual employees with enough privacy for their needs. However, their closed-off nature makes it challenging to interact with colleagues and work together seamlessly on tasks that require an extra pair of hands. Moreover, many businesses today remain adamant in investing more in common areas like lounges where employees can naturally congregate on breaks and interact with other workers from different departments. This is a missed opportunity given the potential for game-changing ideas that could spark from a spontaneous encounter in these areas, which could ultimately benefit the company.

By introducing more flexible working areas in the premises, business owners indirectly encourage their employees to collaborate and provide them with options on where they can best achieve their tasks efficiently. Private booths and cubicles allow for individual and focused work for highly-intensive tasks; open areas serve well for teams brainstorming ideas, and regular spaces that are a mix of both work – great for standard workloads.

Colours affect employees’ mood for the better, or for worse

Moving on, we take a look at colour and how employers can harness their power to increase employee productivity and promote creativity. According to a study conducted by the University of Texas, offices with bland hues such as grey, white, and beige often induced feelings of depression and sadness among employees, particularly women. On the other hand, men experienced the same in purple and orange offices.

As other studies have revealed, colours can have pronounced effects on our mood and other aspects like appetite. For instance, low-wavelength colours like shades of green and blue are two of the most common colours in nature’s palette. Given our inherent relationship with the outdoors, it only makes sense how being connected with or seeing attributes of the natural world improves efficiency and focus, subsequently leading to an improved overall sense of well-being. On that note, consider adding real plants in the workplace to achieve the best results.

Facilities that promote employees’ well-being

Lastly, extra facilities are something that companies should look into investing in. Playrooms, gyms, nap booths, breakout spaces, alternative workplaces, and many other facilities all play a role in enhancing creativity. These days, having more benefits to offer employees besides the basic lounge and pantry is essential in promoting creative thinking as well as attracting and retaining millennial talents.

Take, for instance, Google’s playrooms. All their offices sport a design that encourages play through all sorts of recreation areas where employees can have a bit of fun. Slides, climbing walls, video game rooms, volleyball courts, and more all encourage out-of-the-box thinking, promote relaxation, and help reduce stress and anxiety among employees. Of course, simply adding in these facilities will not instantly produce the desired effect, so it would be best to plan for amenities that align with the company’s goals and the employees’ preferences.


Inspiring creativity among employees can be achieved in many ways, starting with renovating the office space from the ground up and designing it to do just that. In an environment where they spend an average of 90,000 hours in their lifetime, it only makes sense to focus on improving their workplace and making it conducive to productivity and creativity.

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