Discussion: Coworking Spaces Or Continue Working From Home?

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Singapore is attempting to return to normalcy with the distribution of vaccines rolling out smoothly. However, due to the increasing number of cases, the public must still observe the necessary precautions and limit office occupancy. This means that working from home remains the go-to working model for most businesses.

Considering the shortcomings of remote work, primarily prolonged isolation from one’s peers in the company, it is not unusual to propose a change of pace to reinvigorate the employees’ working spirit and jumpstart their productivity for good.

Let us discuss the merits and drawbacks of persevering with the current remote work arrangement and the benefits of switching things up by frequenting coworking serviced offices in Singapore.

Continuing To Work From Home

The main advantage of working from home is the safety it provides for employees since there is no need to go out in public and risk one’s health. Other benefits include flexible work hours, time savings, and cost reduction from daily expenses like fares for commute or gas for personal vehicles.

However, this setup is not ideal for many in the long run, with the social types experiencing the most trouble dealing with the long-term isolation from one’s peers. Moreover, other common issues plague everyone without discrimination, such as the degradation of work-life balance, lack of privacy, and unexpected interruptions that could eat away at one’s focus and working hours.

Without the solutions to counter these issues and enough discipline to stick to one’s schedule, it can be challenging to be as productive as before in a traditional office environment.

Switching To Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are well-regarded for the unique benefits they provide that cannot be found in any other working environment out there today. Flexible and fully ready for immediate use, these subscription-based furnished office spaces in Singapore provide a working environment akin to regular office settings while introducing a new feature: a community of professionals.

Members of coworking spaces get to enjoy the company of other workers from different industries equipped with varying skill sets and degrees of experience that can be tapped onto for one’s benefit. With the right coworking space, getting networking and collaboration opportunities has never been easier.

It also allows for a way to make connections that could help elevate the quality of your work. It can even open new doors in your career through spontaneous conversation in the break lounge or being present for organised events hosted by coworking managers.

On top of that, coworking spaces also come equipped with everything a professional would expect from a contemporary working environment, such as several areas suited for different kinds of work, a touch of nature with greenery and plants, natural lighting, office essentials, and 24/7 sanitation services.

With all that said, there will always be a con to just about everything. Primarily, it’s the increased risk from exposure since one will have to go out to get to the preferred coworking space.

While there is the vaccine’s protection and other equipment such as face masks to mitigate the issue to a certain extent, it’s better to take extra personal measures instead of relying on safe distancing to protect oneself.

The Bottom Line

Everyone will certainly have different experiences when it comes to remote work. Some may feel fine and prefer the convenience of working from home, while others may be more than eager to get back to how things were before.

Nevertheless, what is certain is that if you feel that your performance has diminished or if you want to return to an office-like environment, coworking spaces are the solution to elevate your productivity and regain that interaction you need to excel.

At Greenhub Singapore, our serviced office for rent features modern design and amenities necessary to complete one’s work quickly and efficiently. Along with a biophilic design in mind, our offices also possess the natural beauty of nature with sufficient greenery that promotes the well-being of your employees.

With safety and sustainability in mind, you can be assured that our coworking environment is the perfect way to change your working pace for the better.