Discover How The Internet Has Transformed Consumer Behaviour

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In the age of modern technology, not tapping on the Internet and its benefits for business opportunities is now seen as a folly. The accessibility and convenience of the Internet have managed to encourage many consumers to shift their shopping experience online. Studies have shown that there is an approximate of 2.05 billion of people who regularly use the Internet to shop, which makes up 26.28 per cent of the global population. To let go of such a significant portion of the pie is to dismiss your opportunities.

However, before you do make a shift, you’ll need to know that this phenomenon is not the end all be all. A change in consumer shopping experience also comes with a change in consumer behaviour and consumer empowerment. With an increase of information, it’s critical that you adopt improvised marketing methods if you wish to have a successful online business venture. Let’s take a closer look at some of a few.

1. Consumers Are Now Well-Informed

Gone are the days when consumers will find the information they need through word of mouth. With the accessibility of the Internet, one can simply do their due diligence and research on a product and service they wish to purchase or employ. Moreover, this research is all-encompassing and it’s not uncommon for one to discover other details that may seem minute otherwise, such as the cleanliness of the area and the like. The Internet has become a holy grail for consumers who wish to reassure and cement their wants.

It’s now difficult to persuade consumers to engage in a business transaction merely via dry sales pitch. In fact, they would rather believe the detailed information, anecdotal recounts and testimonials than standard marketing practices. Whilst the success of traditional marketing is relatively low in today’s age, the fundamentals can still work provided if you tweak it just a tad bit. Encourage the perspective of your company’s towards a favourable one by creating a website (both desktop and mobile) with a user-friendly UI interface and in-depth product or service information. You can also sprinkle a few testimonials from your previous or existing clients.

2. The Impact Of Social Media

The rise of social media is not to be understated, especially amongst Millennials and Gen Zs. It is, thus, crucial that you know your way about social media and their role in influencing consumer’s behaviour and purchase. In fact, social media marketing has deemed one of the keystones of marketing. It helps to build trust and rapport between businesses and clients by creating an excellent customer experience. Moreover, businesses can participate in conversations with their clients to know what they did right and what they need to improve on. Social media also proved to be an avenue that can make your company popular or otherwise, so it’s best to be in the know than not.

3. The Importance Of Impeccable Store Features

One of the successful marketing strategies includes features that value-add to the purchase and overall consumer experience. Merely having the products online is not enough, you’d want to add other elements to encourage purchase. This could be via loyalty programs, free delivery and the like. Adding such benefits will not only encourage purchase, but also give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

4. Consumer Awareness

The Internet isn’t just a viable avenue for businesses to put up their products, but it also becomes a platform for companies and consumers to forge a relationship. This means that relationships don’t end at the check-out page, but rather after the purchase as well. Create a feedback loop on your products and services by introducing features such as forums, review boxes and he like. Not only will this allow greater accessibility for customers who wish to get the details on the product, but it also will enable businesses to handle any reviews – both positive and negative – that come their way.

The Internet has evolved the way consumers perceive brands and purchase goods, and the way businesses are run. With information accessible with just a click of a button, every consumer is now empowered with the right tools and data to make an informed decision. Whilst the marketing fundamentals remain the same, it’s important for businesses to tweak their existing strategies to make way for change.

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