Coworking: Unlocking The Millennial Workforce's Potential

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The workplace of the future is almost here, and in many ways, that future is now. By 2025, Millennials (the demographic cohort born between 1981 and 1996) are forecast to comprise 75 per cent of the global workforce. As we bid the Baby Boomer generation goodbye, companies will need to expect, welcome and navigate the changes that will come. Learn ways you can prepare for a Millennial workforce and how you can unlock their immense potential.

Creating A Team-Oriented Working Environment

When Millennials were in their formative years, collaboration was held up as an ideal. “Teamwork makes the dream work,” was the perfect message that set the foundation of the collective mindset that the generation will subscribe to. From group projects back in school, to learning the ways to interact with people from various departments and even those in authority positions, Millennials have sociability engineered in their DNAs. Every aspect of their lives functioned more like an open democracy rather than a tiered authoritarian system that the previous generations were used to.

For collaboration to strive, it needs to be reflected in the office layout as well. It’s no secret that Millennials inherently dislike the traditional desk and cubicle setup that was once the trademark of an office workplace. Instead, an open-planned and flexible office is where true collaboration and innovation can strive.

Such an environment often features furnished office spaces that offer one multiple options to work in, giving them the freedom to choose a space they are most comfortable to work in. From quiet, solitary booths for uninterrupted concentration, to more social areas that promote discussion and ideation – an open plan office is necessary for Millennials to do what they do best.

Forging The Bonds Among Employees

Encouraging collaboration and innovation don’t simply end at the type of office layout, but it goes beyond that. It means creating opportunities for colleagues to come together.

Being team-oriented is one of the prominent characteristics of a Millennial professional. Leveraging this trait by placing them at coworking offices with communities who share their interests is bound to further enhance their productivity and even their output. These benefits largely stem from the support, inspiration, and professional encouragement that they gain from having like-minded individuals surrounding them at work.

In addition, community managers will often hold coworking events to build your community, whether it’d be formal networking events or something more relaxed like a yoga workout. These events offer your employees the opportunity to get to know other members better and forge new friendships outside of work, giving them another layer of work satisfaction.

Flexibility Is A Need: Working Remotely

Millennials hold their work-life balance to a significant degree. They are more interested in finding a career that will support their lifestyles that exist outside of work. This includes doing away with the stringent 9AM-6PM office job for something that allows them to do their work remotely, on their own time.

As the demographic that grew up in the Internet age, Millennials are natural experts at navigating the online space. As digital pioneers, they have the tools to get their work done anywhere – from collaboration platforms to project management apps. This redefines the traditional work environment into something more flexible and productive.

What does this mean to employees? It simply translates that a traditional office may very well be obsolete, and the costs to upkeep and sustain one will only end up as a loss for the company. This is where a coworking space comes in. Coworking spaces allow one to grow one’s business without having to sink money into lease-breaking fees, giving one the freedom to use a space whenever they need one. Furthermore, these spaces offer memberships at an affordable monthly subscription rate, and in addition to the rental space, you’re able to revel in some perks such as access to amenities and invitation to networking events.


It’s a known fact that traditional office spaces from the older generation workforce generally don’t suit the preferences of the millennial employee. But by placing them at modern coworking office spaces for lease, you’re sure to unlock their full potential for work.

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