Coworking Spaces: 3 Beneficial Design Elements For Employees

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Remote work had become the norm ever since the advent of the pandemic last year. Given the current situation, it seems like it will continue to be so up for a long time. While many have already acclimated to this new working model by now, that is not to say that it is entirely without flaws.

With employees being forced to adapt and resort to virtual meetings to connect and communicate with peers, most of them are now beginning to feel the effects of being isolated and the constant lack of face-to-face interaction with their colleagues. This somewhat independent work setup has thus made the loneliness epidemic worse, resulting in detrimental effects on the employees’ well-being that ultimately degrades their productivity.

Thankfully, such issues can be resolved easily with a simple change in the work environment, specifically a coworking space. After all, the design can make a significant impact on any company.

Below, we enumerate three design elements of coworking spaces that prove beneficial in reinvigorating the employee’s working spirit.

Balance Between Common Productivity Styles in the Office Layout

No one person is similar, and this is also reflected in their working styles. Some prefer a quieter environment to function, while others are unfazed even in crowded ones. With this in mind, contemporary furnished office spaces can properly balance these various working preferences in its office layout. There are open floor plans to appeal to those that gain enhanced productivity while in a group, and private booths and conference rooms provide the peace necessary to focus on tasks.

Wherever one may belong, coworking patrons have the potential to interact with another easily, a notable advantage of such spaces over WFH. Thus, for those in the latter category, the opportunity to socialise and connect with their peers in the coworking space will always be available, whether to mingle, generate ideas, or seek aid for their problems.

Meanwhile, the antisocial ones can retreat to more isolated areas when they need minimal distractions.

An Impression Of Identity And Belonging

Long-time WFH employees and independent workers may lose their sense of identity or belonging in something more significant or even not have one to begin with. In a vibrant and lively coworking space, everyone can find the community they seek.

Moreover, networking and collaboration opportunities provided by coworking managers that host events catered to such ends help professionals connect and bounce ideas off of each other.

While there is technically no set “company culture” in such spaces, decorations such as graphics, artworks, greenery, and even large-scale murals can still connect the professionals to an overall purpose and raise their enthusiasm to go above and beyond.

Mood-boosting Lighting And Green Accents

While it may seem that lighting is only a subtle aspect of the world of design, proper and sufficient lighting can transform a place to become more favourable for workers. More specifically, natural lighting helps elevate worker performance, engagement, and well-being.

This is corroborated by the report from the research made by Human Spaces, wherein it proved that proximity to nature and its common elements, such as sunlight and greenery, was linked to a 15% improvement in one’s well-being and creativity and 6% productivity.

Speaking of greenery, humans innately desire to retain a connection with nature, termed as biophilia by scientists. Studies have proven that plants and foliage bring about a calming effect and improved indoor environmental air quality, two benefits that are crucial to negating work stress, preserving employee health, and boosting mood levels.


Adapting and overcoming obstacles is one of mankind’s greatest strengths. With the shortcomings of remote work now being evident and proving to affect worker productivity negatively, it may be time to switch things up and make the switch to coworking spaces, where the best of traditional offices and remote work combine along with a couple of unique benefits that can’t be found elsewhere.

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