Back To Office Woes: Resolving Concerns With Coworking Spaces

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As of April this year, all Singaporean employees can return to the workplace as part of the city-state’s new phase in dealing with the pandemic. This development has received a mixed reception among the workforce; some are glad to go back to office work and interact with their colleagues in person, while others that have grown accustomed to remote working are less enthusiastic. Regardless of where one falls in these two categories, virtually everyone has concerns about returning to the office. Below, we touch on what these common woes are and how coworking spaces help to resolve them.

1. Safe distancing and risk of COVID-19

One notable aspect of this back-to-the-office initiative is that workers are free to work without masks when not interacting physically with others and are not placed in customer-facing areas. Despite this extended flexibility, government officials still advise maintaining a safe distance from others if they do not wear masks.

How coworking spaces can help

Maintaining a safe distance from others at work remains a top priority to mitigate the risk of getting infected. Coworking spaces are the quickest solution for businesses whose offices are not spacious enough to enforce full social distancing measures. Coworking office spaces for rent are generally designed with an open-plan layout, which means plenty of space for workers to comfortably work maskless throughout the day while maintaining safe distancing from their peers. Furthermore, sanitisation takes top priority in these alternative offices, so around-the-clock cleaning is carried out for the safety of coworking members.

2. Rigid work schedule and working environment

After acclimating to and realising the benefits of remote working, such as increased productivity, many employees are no longer fond of the rigid work schedule and work environment of the pre-COVID era. Hence, with the return to the office suggesting the continuation of the usual rigid work schedule and formal culture in the form of work environment, employees are no longer able to work during times when they are most productive (i.e., some people work better in the morning, in the afternoon, and the like).

How coworking spaces can help

Since a rigid work schedule and working environment may not suit everyone’s taste, incorporating coworking spaces may be ideal. Placing your teams in coworking spaces resolves these two issues as they work alongside each other and with other professionals in a conducive environment, leveraging multiple work areas like quiet spaces and open-plan regions. These ideal working spaces would enable them to perform at their best, increasing productivity levels as they work on projects.

3. Time spent travelling to work

Long commutes to densely populated city centre offices are a significant contributor to work-related discontent, not just for employees working in companies, but business owners as well. A study from El Camino Health supports the idea that long commutes, especially during peak hours, are stressful, which can lead to poor mental health and an increase in occurrences of road rage.

As such, it can indeed be draining and stressful to travel to work, especially for employees who live far away from central locations. As additional commute time is needed outside of work hours, it can also result in reduced productivity in the workplace.

How coworking spaces can help 

Since productivity in the workplace is often linked to the long commuting time that affects employees’ well-being, perhaps firms can utilise coworking spaces that are closer to home instead of commuting to offices in the crowded city areas. Coworking spaces can reduce the amount of time employees spend travelling while also giving them a secure location to do work and be productive.

Furthermore, there is better accessibility to resources in coworking spaces, due to the features these spaces come equipped with. Features such as office-like environments, biophilic design elements, and multiple work areas like open-plan regions and quiet areas are just a few of the staple qualities that make coworking spaces more suited for work than any home office. This results in a conducive workplace, allowing employees to finish work faster with increased productivity.


With the COVID-19 pandemic still not at its end, it is only natural for employees to be wary of their health. Moreover, just like how challenging it was to shift from office work to working from home, reversing this change will also prove difficult for many. But as the world works to adapt and move forward, employers must resolve the concerns of their staff to encourage them to return to the workplace.

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