The Advantages of Renting a Serviced Office

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Whether you are starting a new business or have been operating one for a while, choosing to rent an office for the first time can be a very expensive process. That is why you need to evaluate the different options available and choose one that suits your business plan well. Renting a serviced office is one great way to have an office for your business. A serviced office space is fully equipped with all necessary items that are needed for a standard and profession office. It is maintained by a facility management company and rented out to individual entrepreneurs or corporate institutions. Why should you choose a serviced office?

Low Overheads

Renting a serviced office is a great way to avoid spending more on utilities that don’t generate any income for your business directly. You only get to pay for what you need and use. Other bills including maintenance costs are catered for. Therefore, you are able to concentrate on your business priorities effectively fully.

Ready Office Facilities

Equipment and facilities can be very expensive. Having to furnish an office to the point of functionality can be financially draining. Choosing to rent a serviced office makes things practically easy for you. Your office will be fully functional immediately you rent it as all the necessary equipment is in place even prior to negotiating a lease.

Office Support Staff

Most serviced office buildings are managed by companies who also deploy their staff members to undertake certain support tasks to their tenants. These tasks include cleaning and maintenance services. There are also security personnel and reception staff who are always ready to assist clients and other visitors. There is always a manager on-site to assist in any eventuality. You are able to attend to your business fully needs knowing that all other issues are well catered for.

Perfect Flexibility

Having a serviced office under a short-term lease deal is possible. Most rental companies also give flexible options that can allow one to reduce or expand office space as the business grows. Depending on your business operations, you can work from different locations and only use an office when necessary.

Prime Locations

Getting office space in the very prime and competitive business areas can be very difficult and expensive. However, serviced offices in Singapore are located in locations ideal for business. You not only enjoy having an office close to your potential clients but also get great opportunities to network with other businesses you can well partner with.

Extra Amenities

Most serviced office buildings have meeting places and conference halls you can utilise at an affordable cost. There are restaurants and coffee shops where employees can have snacks and meals during breaks. You also enjoy secure parking places.

Searching for serviced offices for rent is easy. You can internet search for a small space to rent in Singapore and choose from available serviced spaces. Visit and negotiate an amazing lease deal.