A Helpful Guide To Full-Serviced Offices And What They Include

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Regardless of your business size and its industry, an office is an essential part for more than one reason – it houses your employees or staff, serves as a headquarters where every party affiliated to your business can converge, stores important assets such as documents and equipment, and a lot more.

While there are indeed a lot of offices that you can either rent out or own, a full serviced office is going to be your best bet.

What are full-serviced offices?

A full serviced office is a type of rent that is more than just leasing the office space itself. The rent also applies to services such as the reception, telephone and internet line, mail handling, meeting rooms, among others. This office type is mostly occupied by multiple businesses, all of whom enjoy shared amenities and work alongside one another.

With their communal nature, full-serviced offices provide a great environment for networking, learning and exchanging ideas, or even create opportunities for business owners to secure new business deals. On top of that, they are the best option if you’re looking for an office that boasts of flexibility should you need to either upsize or downsize your rented space at any given moment.

Also, it already comes with its own facilities that are tailored for all kinds of professional work or social occasions such as team celebrations wherein a member celebrates his or her birthday, a monthly get-together, to name a few.

Full-serviced offices may also help retain employees as according to studies, 93% of workers in the tech industry mentioned that they would stay longer at a company if they have better workspace benefits.

What considerations should you make when looking for one?

In recent years, full-serviced offices have gained traction, becoming a preferred option for most businesses because it comes with everything a business could possibly need to operate. But what should you look for when you’re searching for one? For starters, you need to make sure that the space is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also one that fosters productivity among your employees.

Most full-serviced offices are fitted with luxurious amenities such as marble countertops and marvellous views of the city skyline – yes, these are nice to have and are sometimes worth the extra cost, but don’t focus too much on these.

Instead, drive your focus towards more important factors such as location, size, hygiene standard, Internet speed, and value-added facilities that ensure a frictionless move-in, smooth operation. Yet, it can still remain a healthy and comfortable environment for your employees.

Furthermore, you also need to make sure that the full-serviced office package offered to you is reasonable to your budget. High rate package may come with attractive perks which may not be relevant to your operation objectives, while with a more economical one can still do the job and help you save.

It’s all about balancing your needs and available budget at hand. Check out the space first, ask for its going rate, and then assess for yourself whether or not the space, along with its price, will help your business grow.


Nowadays, a communal working environment that is fostered by full-serviced offices is considered ideal because moving in is less taxing, rates and packages are more flexible, and you get to enjoy pre-fitted amenities that will help you operate your business, regardless of its scale.

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Also, we put emphasis on going green because we understand that while modernity is important, balancing it with nature will help keep your employees from feeling too overworked. Moreover, it keeps them inspired to make more achievements that will propel your business further. Call us today at +65 6692 8000 to learn more.