A Guide To Determining Which Working Arrangement Works Best For You

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Despite what many may believe, not all the effects brought by the pandemic were adverse. While the stringent restrictions and rules imposed to stop the spread were certainly taxing to both individuals and businesses, it did come with a silver lining, one of which is the accelerated digitalisation of many companies worldwide.

This digitalisation was the necessary adoption of remote work, allowing businesses to realise their viability and compelling benefits fully. Thus, it is no longer far-fetched to say that many companies will continue to offer remote work positions and even incorporate it into their working arrangement. With more than one option available, professionals may be unsure which to choose. Allow us to help you decide what works best for you with the following guide.

Traditional Office Setting

For those that have grown accustomed to working in an office, the traditional working arrangement is undoubtedly the only way to go. Workers that feel at ease in this setup can perform their best and thrive in the company of their peers, who are generally just within arm’s reach and allow for more direct collaboration.

Moreover, working in an office provides this greater sense of belonging due to personally seeing the company’s culture and values in action at all times. Lastly, the office environment brings professionalism in everyone as you see your colleagues giving their all, something inherent in a quiet and distraction-free setting conducive to work.

Remote Work Or Work-From-Home

Flexibility is the primary benefit of a remote work arrangement. Employees typically enjoy a more accommodating work schedule and the opportunity to choose where they wish to accomplish their work, be it at home or in another location. In addition, this working arrangement is ideal for those who perform better with greater autonomy and privacy, be it due to their personal preferences or the nature of their work.

However, this arrangement also has its drawbacks: the lack of face-to-face physical interaction with peers. That can potentially add to their mental stress and adversely affect their work as a consequence. But thankfully, there is a simple solution to that, which is to subscribe to a coworking space.

Coworking spaces are flexible office spaces wherein professionals from various backgrounds work remotely in a more professional and productivity-conducive work environment. Coworking spaces offer plenty more benefits for their patrons, such as enhanced productivity brought about by spontaneous or planned networking opportunities, a selection of different working areas suited for various tasks, and complete office supplies and equipment to do work.

Hybrid Work Model

With its limitless possibilities, the hybrid model will soon change businesses today and in the coming years. It is defined as the combination of the two previous working arrangements slowly becoming adopted by many companies worldwide. The hybrid work model essentially entails employees spending half of their time working in the office and the other in a remote location.

This solution achieves an excellent compromise for both the business and its employees, providing them with the best of both worlds. The former can allow companies to cut down costs on office space while the latter will enable employees to enjoy more flexibility in their work schedules. However, since the implementation of the hybrid model work will typically depend on a business and its employees deciding on a feasible schedule plan, it may take some time before this working arrangement catches on and turns mainstream.


With the quick and necessary adoption of remote work during the early days of the pandemic, it is evident that there is more than one way to work besides the traditional way. Thus, it is up to the employee to determine what works best for their preferences and choose the one that allows them to perform to their best abilities.

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