8 Quick Tips On How To Set Up A Female-Friendly Work Space

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Gender biasness are no longer the order of the day at work places. In recent times, women have proven to be as proficient as men or even better. Today, Singapore has the highest number of female CEOs in the world. Whether you operate in a traditional office space or a flexible office space, incorporating women in your business is a key step to success. If you intend to have more women in your workforce, you need to create a female-friendly work space. Wondering how you can achieve that? Check out some effective tips below:

1. Hire more female employees

As much as the world is pushing for gender equality, women are still underrepresented in numerous fields. Hiring a few female employees is not sufficient. You need to empower them by bringing more on board. It is also vital to promote more women to higher positions such as managers or supervisors whenever the chance arises.

2. Enforce strict anti-sexual harassment policies

Sexual harassment is a big issue at most work places. Unfortunately, women tend to be on the receiving end most of the time. Existence of such habits in a work space will definitely result in a detrimental effect on the workforce’s productivity. However, you can restraint sexual harassment by enforcing strict policies. Ensure that there is zero tolerance for sexual predators at the work place.

3. Allow female employees to work from home

Recent studies indicate that women thrive better in virtual offices. Therefore, one of the best ways to make your work space female-friendly is to allow your female employees to work remotely or providing them with flexible working hours. Creating balance between a full day job and family responsibilities is difficult. On the bright side, women are excellent at multi-tasking. They can handle work related tasks and tend to their domestic responsibilities at the same time with a proper schedule. Besides that, women are not easily distracted as compared to men. By working from home, mothers will be less worried about their loved ones and are able to focus on work accordingly.

4. Create a women-oriented mentorship program

Women require inspiration to work harder and achieve their dreams. They also need to have advocates as well as a strong support system. There is no better way to achieve this than implementing women-oriented mentorship programs. The program could tap on some of the most successful women in the organization as mentors. Through mentorship programs, women get to form essential bonds that help in advancing their careers within your business.

5. Develop a relevant healthcare system

It is crucial to keep women healthy in consideration of how productive they are. Women have special needs that should not be overlooked. For instance, pregnant women need to have instant access to emergency services at any time. On the same note, mothers ought to be given generous maternity leave. Likewise, you could organize onsite health screenings for female employees.

To top it off, women form a very fruitful workforce that should be appreciated through favorable working conditions. Before securing your office space on rent in Singapore, do ensure that it is female-friendly.

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