6 Reasons Why Every Freelancer Needs To Rent An Office

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Every freelancer relishes the autonomy that comes with the nature of work. You can work when it best suits you, and you can even choose where you want to work. So, at first glance, the option of renting an office may seem restrictive, against the grain or perhaps a little bit too extravagant.

After all, freelancing is mainly a small business, operated by individuals who can work from any spot: from the park to the garage or any unused room at home. But the idea of freelancers renting office space shouldn’t be entirely dismissed. Here’s why.


When at the office, be it a co-working space or shared office, a freelancer is surrounded by other working individuals during the “working hours.” This is a subtle motivator, especially when working on a project or project section that is not very exciting.

It helps you to avoid procrastinating, and you’re also less likely to stray away to unfinished chores or eavesdrop at your neighbour’s loud conversations.


Modern concepts of office space for rent like co-working spaces also serve as excellent networking centres for freelancers. At co-working centres, you’ll get to meet and interact with other freelancers like you, share experiences and practices as well as get a few nuggets on how to improve your skills.

Some co-working centres take it a notch higher and organise start-up development programs for freelancers as well as networking sessions.

It gives you a professional look

At first, whenever someone mentions that he or she is a freelancer, the picture that comes to mind is a person typing away while still in his or her pyjamas. Freelancing used to be often associated with techies and odd working hours. But this isn’t the case anymore. Many companies and individuals are turning to independent contractors as regular service providers and having that office for rent will spruce up your professional look.

For self-discipline and control

Granted, working from home has its fair share of “sweet evils.” The first on the list is that you can easily sneak back to bed or raid the fridge at any time. There’s nothing wrong with resting or getting a snack after a while, but at home, you could end up snacking all day.

Worse still, you could end up watching movies all night because you reckon that you can sneak back to bed during the day. Renting an office, on the other hand, will help you to get those seemingly uncontrollable pangs under control.

It increases your efficiency

Being in an office space for rent enables you to increase your efficiency by providing you a conducive environment for productivity. This allows your mind to engage a higher gear when at work and helps you in achieving goals and targets efficiently, negotiate contracts better, as well as use your resources more efficiently.

Lastly, it’s cheaper than presumed

Traditionally, office space for lease in Singapore was reserved for big corporations and medium-sized businesses. This was because of the huge price tag that came with it.

However, modern office concepts such as co-working spaces and fully furnished shared offices have cut down the cost of renting to a more affordable pricing. Small businesses and freelancers can comfortably fit the cost of office space for rent in their budgets and enjoy these advantages at an affordable price. For example, GreenHub Singapore serviced offices provides both short and long-term leases at affordable rates, allowing you to choose the lease period that you can afford.