5 Ways To Make Your Workspace Safer During COVID-19 Crisis

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In a matter of a few weeks, COVID19 has severely disrupted day to day life and has successfully slowed down the economy. Businesses had to cease their physical operations and move either online or remotely, as adherence to the circuit breaker measures. Uncertainty and anxiety are common amongst individuals, corporations and organisations alike as they try to find a new norm amidst the global pandemic.

The circuit breaker measures will slowly let up when June comes around but that doesn’t mean that one can afford to be careless and negligent. With the possibility of a third wave looming over our heads, good personal hygiene and sanitation practice still needs to be upheld. As a business owner, this doesn’t just instil confidence in your clients, but it also helps to reassure staffers that they are in a safe environment. Below are 5 quick ways you can achieve a safe environment during this pandemic.

Follow Guidelines By Health Authorities

As with any health scare, the best course of action is to adhere to expert advice. When the virus started making its rounds, the exponential surge in the number of people impacted made it seemed that it was unstoppable. But fortunately, due to robust preparation, implementation of clear guidelines and transparency of relevant data, Singapore was amongst the first nations to get the pandemic under control. However, due to reports of a second wave, both government and citizens are taking bold steps to curtail and manage the spread.

If you are heading back to your office space for lease, these are just some of the guidelines you may want to look into:

  • Engaging Business Continuity Plans (BCP)
  • Ensure every staff is familiar with the BCP
  • Reduce physical interaction: encourage remote working
  • Clean and sanitise working areas more frequently
  • Promote safe social distancing at the workplace
  • Promote good personal hygiene
  • Frequently check employees for symptoms such as fever and cough

Some of these measures, like safe distancing, may entail spending on an extra office for rent. If you don’t have enough capital, you may want to get some staffers to work remotely, if they can.

Robust Communication: Regular Updates And Clear Signage

Unlike the dubious and unscrupulous information concerning the COVID19 crisis that has been circulating in various platforms, the Singapore government has ensured that the citizens are well informed about the truth. That said, your company has to do the same.

Whilst most of the information is made accessible to the public, it’d be wise to give your employees a brief rundown on the current situation. This is especially beneficial if your company has a large workforce or you have non-Singaporeans in your manpower. Apart from sharing the stats and data, you can brief your staffers the company’s own measures to combat the spread. Reminders of good personal hygiene, social distancing and symptoms checks are also advisable. Doing so may need you to increase the availability and accessibility of disinfectants and sanitation equipment such as disposable tissues and hand sanitisers.

Promote Respiration and Contact Hygiene

On that note, ensure that there is excellent air circulation in the office. Your workers decked with face masks will appreciate it. You may want to consider placing signages in your office displaying the recommended respiratory and personal hygiene.

Promote Social Distancing

Social distancing can be rather challenging in a fixed space. You may want to stagger working shifts by implementing alternate work period, such as one week on one week off. You may even want to look into renting an alternative premise if you have enough capital to do so. Of course, working remotely may seem the most beneficial and viable option to keep everybody safe.

At Greenhub Singapore, we are determined to help you maintain your business operations amidst the pandemic outbreak. Our virtual office services will allow you to work remotely and maintain social distancing whilst still keep your business up and running. As of current, we are offering free rent 1 month and 2 months if you were to sign up for a 6 months or 12 months rental respectively. With our services, your business will tick one of the boxes needed to adapt and perform during these challenging times.