5 Things To Know Before Choosing A Coworking Space

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In the old days, freelancers and budding entrepreneurs looking for a professional space to conduct business only had one option: traditional office leases. For the companies just starting out, owning an office space comes with an inherent risk since there is always that uncertainty of the business’s success in the early stages. However, with the advent and increasing popularity of coworking spaces, a better and more cost-effective option is now available.

Greater productivity, fully-furnished, complete office amenities, and flexible desk or office arrangements at an affordable cost are only a few of the many advantages that draw in more and more professionals to coworking spaces. Moreover, it offers a slew of benefits unique only to coworking, making such spaces even more appealing. If you are keen on giving coworking a try or are seeking office spaces for rent, here are 5 things to know when choosing a suitable space that meets your working needs.

1. Test the waters with a trial

Virtually all coworking offices offer interested clients a chance to visit and personally check out their spaces for a day or two, with some even letting them stay for as long as a week. This is incredibly important because not all coworking spaces are made equal, and it is up to you to choose which one best suits your personal and working preferences.

Some coworking spaces come equipped with a more casual design and community, while others lean towards a more corporate feel which can be mistaken for an individual office at first glance. So, as you test the waters with a trial, be sure to consider how well you can perform your daily tasks in the particular coworking space. Does it have enough variety of working areas for different tasks? Are the facilities sufficient for doing relevant business-related things such as meeting clients? It would be best to ask yourself these questions and more to determine if the office fits your working style or not.

2.The people around you will constantly be changing

Thanks to its ever-changing community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and other professionals, the greatest advantage of coworking spaces is unlimited networking and collaboration opportunities. As such, you will get the chance to meet new faces every day and share desks and other facilities with individuals that vary from day to day.

With that said, however, not everyone will be eager to engage with you all the time. On some days, you might find yourself interacting and networking with certain individuals and even getting their assistance on your work, boosting your productivity and efficiency for that time. On other occasions, the people around you may be too busy with their own tasks that they are unable to spare the time to chat or help you out. Depending on the individual, these fluctuations may sometimes affect their productivity and mood negatively, while others might find it refreshing as the chances are that new ideas are constantly flowing. Thus, it is best to keep in mind that although coworking spaces are great places to get in touch with other professionals, there is a right time and place to do so, and that not everyone will always benefit from it. Therefore, it would be good to be understanding when others are unable to spare the time to communicate – next time may be different and there are always new faces to meet down the line.

3. Sharing is everything

Coworking means sharing everything with other professionals and entrepreneurs in the same space, from desks and meeting rooms to office supplies and amenities. This arrangement is what mainly keeps the costs down, so it is essential to get used to having to share with others and pay attention to how you affect others. As much as possible, you may do some research on the common etiquette mistakes to avoid and the unspoken rules in coworking spaces.

4. Sharing may prove inconvenient at times

As mentioned, sharing is everything and essentially at the heart of what makes coworking spaces work as a cost-effective alternative to traditional office leases. This means that sharing everything from the desks you use to the facilities like conference rooms and all the supplies provided to the members. Although in most cases this arrangement poses no problems, there may be instances when it can prove inconvenient.

For instance, if you have been using a specific hotdesk constantly and now prefer to do your work at that specific place, there may be days when someone else gets to it first before you do, prompting you to work elsewhere for the time being. This also applies to key areas, such as meeting rooms, wherein conflict in schedule could prove disastrous, especially when it involves things like discussing with business partners or clients, for example. Therefore, it is recommended to book the facilities you need in advance to make sure you are not met with such inconveniences in your time at the coworking space.

5. Your office will reflect your brand

No one coworking space is made equal, and your chosen space or office will ultimately reflect your brand. The place where you work and meet up with clients in person will give an impression of you and your brand’s image. Do you wish to be seen as a formal and serious type of business or a more casual and fun kind of startup? It is best to consider how you want to portray your image beforehand and where your clients would be most comfortable when choosing your options. Since coworking spaces are shared facilities, they do not typically offer much leeway when it comes to styling them to your preferences. Hence, it would be wise to thoroughly evaluate the spaces you have in mind to ensure that they closely reflect your brand.

If office personalisation is one thing that your business cannot compromise on, then it may be better to opt for private coworking spaces instead. This is a category of flexible office space perfect for companies and teams that prefer a coworking arrangement with the privacy of a conventional office. Private workspaces entail lockable doors and an entire private floor with your corporate branding, among others. Facilities such as conference rooms can also be arranged to be unique to your company.


As more entrepreneurs and businesses begin their commercial journey, they will need a suitable working environment to conduct operations and grow their business. Coworking spaces serve as an excellent alternative to conventional office leasing. It allows for unparalleled flexibility in cost and usage while offering several key advantages that can help them achieve their milestones.

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