4 Tips On Adapting Quickly to Different Working Arrangement

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As the pandemic’s grip on significant economies slowly wanes thanks to the continuous distribution of vaccines, many businesses are now deciding to change their working model from remote work only to something different.

Businesses either go for the new hybrid work model, which is gaining traction among modern companies today or continue with remote work but try out coworking furnished office spaces to reinvigorate employees.

Either way, professionals will soon have to switch to an entirely different working arrangement, and here are some tips that can help facilitate the adjustment process.

1. Do not get overwhelmed

After months of staying at home, it will naturally be a bit difficult to find your footing back in an office-like environment, especially if the switch occurs at such short notice. Keep in mind that working in your new surroundings will take some getting used to, and it is normal if your performance during the first few days will not be up to the standards you are accustomed to.

Take things easy and refrain from panicking if you do not feel that you are at the top of your game for a while. No one is the same, and acclimating to your new working arrangement will happen gradually over time.

2. Learn the culture

If you are returning to the office or joining a coworking community, you may need to start from square one and learn the new office culture. It’s advisable to make an effort to observe the new members of your environment and how they interact with one another.

Be naturally friendly, but do not get drawn into a clique; step back and evaluate each situation objectively. Stay neutral with your interactions until you better understand the arrangement at the back of your hand and pick out the new members that you can trust.

3. Be a team player

In conjunction with the previous tip, take care to be amiable and show that you are an approachable person when engaging in conversation with your new peers.

Giving the air of being cooperative and willing to offer a helping hand makes it easier to create new relationships and be on friendly terms with them. As a member of the company workforce or community, you will certainly have your moments of need, so make sure that you can pay it forward.

4. Don’t compare and contrast

Working from home undoubtedly has plenty of perks that most workers will miss once it is time to return to an office-like environment. However, the last thing you need to settle into your new working arrangement is by comparing it to your previous work-from-home experience and being dissatisfied with how things are.

No matter how much you want to go back to your comfort zone, remember that you most likely felt the same way back in the early days of the pandemic when businesses introduced remote work. You may have disliked the idea at first, but you eventually grew accustomed to a new way of working and overcame the obstacles that hindered your productivity.

The same applies in this situation, so bear with it until you eventually adjust and realise that the new working arrangement is just as good as your previous one.


Switching to a new working arrangement is undoubtedly going to be challenging for every professional out there. However, since it is most likely inevitable, adapting is the only way forward, and employees must strive to adjust as best as they can.

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