4 Office Etiquette To Be Observed In Coworking Spaces

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As COVID-19 regulations ease and remote employees grow weary from working at home, more and more businesses are transitioning to a hybrid working model – the next reshuffling of the working model has paved the way for a new era of workplace dynamics. The modern workstyle now does away with office cubicles and has adopted dynamism in the form of hot-desking, shared office spaces, and hybrid working arrangements.

This dynamism offers a wide range of benefits – a more vibrant workplace culture, greater collaborative flexibility, increased innovation and networking opportunities, and the like. However, these benefits are accompanied by certain responsibilities. Similar to any other situation where a common space is shared among many, one should ideally be aware of their fellow workers and practice common courtesy. Coworking offices and shared spaces are one such environment where this dynamism flourishes, but they come with unique etiquette. Just like how there are common etiquette mistakes made in coworking spaces to avoid, this article seeks to cover the unspoken rules to follow to aid you through your coworking journey;

1. Mind your noise level

When giving coworking spaces a go, the first thing to ideally be mindful of is your noise level. That said, not all workspaces will have the same noise policies for their common and private work areas. While you may be free to speak freely and talk aloud on the phone in certain areas like the kitchen or pantry, it would be best to be extra careful when you are in places where people do their work. Whether setting up your equipment or performing your tasks, take care not to disturb others and disrupt their focus.

Of course, some workspaces will be generally noisy, specifically common areas where communal happenings such as networking events and luncheons will be held. Besides learning the noise policy of what you can and should not do, it is also essential to understand things like, for instance, background music being played in the office. Essentially, it would be recommended to find the proper places where you can hold video conferences and where you can afford to be vocal by yourself.

  • Be mindful in your daily operations

Adding on to the noise issue, awareness is essential in coworking spaces. Keeping your belongings away from the space of others or receiving guests in communal areas are courteous actions that ensure other coworking members feel comfortable in the coworking office.

As a general rule of thumb, ensure that you are constantly aware of how you are using your space within the workplace and think about the other people you are sharing it with. Doing so helps avoid unnecessary problems and maintains peace in the workplace.

2. Clean as you go

Similar to social events such as parties, it is considered best practice to ‘leave no trace’ in coworking spaces. For the sake and well-being of other coworking members as well as the staff, it would be good to leave the coworking workspace as if you never used it. If you like sitting down on a clean desk by the time you book it, you should also do the same and leave no waste for the next person using the desk after you. A simple rule of thumb is to never assume that someone will clean up after you in coworking spaces, and thus you should strive not to leave any waste in your wake.

3. Use the amenities in moderation

Those who overstep their boundaries in coworking spaces will only create unnecessary problems and distractions for the other members. This includes using up all the paper in the printer or copy machines, overbooking meeting rooms, locking others out, and using desks or areas assigned to others.

Hence, it would be better to observe the common etiquette rules like staying in your allocated space, using conference rooms efficiently and within schedule, and more. If your space is inadequate for your work, you could always transfer to somewhere quieter or use a private booth to eliminate distractions.

4. Know how and where to handle delicate work situations

Some business affairs can only be taken care of behind closed doors. Therefore, sensitive things such as terminating business partnerships or letting go of employees should be kept away from communal spaces. Apart from potentially making a scene, managing business negotiations or difficult conversations in such places can be challenging, especially if company-sensitive information is involved. All in all, you should ideally be wary of the energy you put out in the coworking office to avoid being a distraction or creating awkward situations.


There are various aspects to coworking etiquette, but all of them can simply be boiled down to this basic golden rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. By using the coworking environment that respects the professional and personal needs of others that use it, you will find that it becomes a more productive and comfortable place for you to work in.

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