4 Factors Influencing Your Productivity Without You Knowing

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Several studies have shown that how much one’s physical environment has a direct impact on one’s mind and behaviour. Whilst these influences may be subtle and minuscule at first glance, they can bring out changes that can severely impact you in the long run. This is especially important if you’re stuck in that environment for the majority of your day. Thus, you can improve your team’s productivity by simply reworking and revamping your office environment.

Before you take up projects to transform your business office rental, take a look at 4 factors that have an influence not only on your team’s productivity, but also their mood and disposition.

1. Lighting

When it comes to lighting that helps with one’s mood and productivity, nothing tops natural lighting. Studies have shown that sunlight has a positive impact on one’s mental health, thus effectively translate to better moods and lower anxiety levels. Moreover, people who are exposed to sunlight – whether directly or indirectly – have reported that they enjoy higher job satisfaction and organisational commitment. It also effectively reduces the onset of computer vision syndrome resulting from prolonged computer and cell phone use.

If possible, search for offices that have plenty of open and big windows that allow plenty of natural light to come through. If your best office option has none, you may want to install blue-tinted, bright lighting so that your team has sufficient light to work productively and efficiently.

2. Air Quality

Although unnoticeable, the quality of air in your office can have a profound impact on your health and productivity. With little to no toxic chemicals and lowered carbon dioxide concentrations, workers are able to better concentrate on their daily tasks. In fact, studies have shown that low air quality leads to a drop in productivity, by as much as 6-9 per cent! Thus, ensure that your building is equipped with quality ventilation systems and air systems.

3. Temperature

It’s no surprise that temperature greatly affects how well you’ll do in any given task. In fact, the ‘ideal’ temperature for peak productivity is averaged around 21 degrees C.

That said, there seems to be a caveat for this particular attribute as many have different tolerance levels when it comes to temperatures. One employee may have reached their peak productivity but another may find the office to be too cold for them to focus. Thus, allow your team to reach a compromise and decide the average that satisfies all.

4. Plant Life

Whilst the plants may not seem very revolutionary, their impact on our moods and productivity is tremendous. By reducing stale air and filtering our harmful pollutants, such as ammonia and formaldehyde from the air, your physical health will also improve. By breathing in the fresh air, you’d be able to regulate your serotonin levels and promote happiness and well-being, translating to better productivity and efficiency. In fact, studies have shown that your productivity levels will jump up to a whopping 15%! Whether it’d be to make your office even more visually appealing or you’d like to enjoy its oxygenating effect, it’s time to think about having a few plant babies in the room.

These are just some of the empirically backed factors that can change how your team feels and works over the course of a day. Introducing little changes in your office spaces will let you enjoy rewards that will only multiply in the long run.

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