4 Common Etiquette Mistakes Made In Coworking Space To Avoid

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With its bountiful benefits, it’s no wonder that the coworking trend continues to be popular amongst entrepreneurs and small businesses worldwide. Connecting professionals with other like-minded people, staving off isolation for self-employed individuals and granting small businesses a cost-effective office solution are only a few of the advantages of coworking spaces.

But in order to make all this happen, patrons of the coworking space themselves must do their part to maintain the atmosphere and working conditions that the place provides. Since there are fundamental differences between a traditional and a coworking office, it’s no surprise for those new to the setting to commit some mistakes. If you’re planning on working in one, here are the 4 common etiquette mistakes you can avoid making on the first day.

1. Overstepping Boundaries

When you have decided to try your hand at the coworking arrangement, you are expected to share amenities and facilities – it comes with the territory. Unlike traditional working spaces, coworking offices offer you the freedom to move around when you see fit. During times where you need to communicate and brainstorm with your colleagues, there are open communal spaces for you to do just that. Those who wish to do their work in quiet solitude, there are silent zones and private desks for you to use.

Such spaces are free for use by members; as such, it’s crucial that you practise proper etiquette by being considerate of others and their boundaries. Allowing enough room for others when using communal spaces, avoiding dedicated areas reserved by others, and taking the hint when someone doesn’t want to be disturbed are only a few examples that you can do.

2. Leaving noise unchecked

Inherently, coworking spaces will not be as quiet as a traditional, private offices. Coworking spaces offer you the liberty of having group discussions and brainstorming sessions, with small pockets of conversations here and there. However, there is a big difference between background noise of paper shuffling and the humming of air conditioner, versus someone discussing with another very loudly or listening to loud music. The general rule still stands: when sharing an office space for rent, always be considerate of those around you.

It’s common courtesy to keep your noise at a minimum to avoid disturbing others. Being loud and disruptive not only interrupts the other people you share the space with, but it could also potentially result in you or your company being banned from the coworking space if such misconduct is left unchecked.

3. Going off-schedule

Certain areas, such as meetings rooms, personal pod spaces, and other communal spaces in a coworking space, gain high traffic as they serve the needs of many. If you reserve a spot and set a schedule for it, try not to take any longer than what you’ve promised. Other people expect you to adhere to your schedule and while it’s inevitable to encounter delays and issues, especially in meeting rooms, make sure to wrap up your business before or on time.

4. Being messy

Be reminded that the office space doesn’t belong to you (or your company) alone. Leaving communal areas messy will bother other patrons and negatively affect the overall condition of the coworking space. A simple rule that you can follow is to leave the workspace as if nobody had used it before. Cleaning up after yourself, wiping down desks and chairs, and other small sanitation efforts are ways that are sure to help maintain the place’s cleanliness.


At its core, what makes coworking spaces and traditional offices so different is the increased emphasis on sharing. As such, you’ll want to hike up courtesy efforts if you wish to have a harmonious working experience. By being more aware and exerting a little conscious effort, you can pay large dividends in making your space enjoyable for everyone to use. By adhering to the working etiquette established in these spaces, you or your company is sure to reap its benefits without issue.

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