3 Ways To Secure Your Productivity When Working From Home

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Remote work, especially working from home, has now been fully adopted by companies due to the restrictions imposed by the recent pandemic. It allows businesses to continue their operations without much difficulty while enabling workers to stay safe in the confines of their homes.

Working from home sounds easy enough, but due to it classifying as a place to rest and relax for most people, staying productive for eight hours a day can prove to be a bit challenging. Learn how you can make the most of your workday with the following tips below.

Choose A Designated Area For Working

Just like how the office is reserved solely for work, choosing a designated area in your home is a vital first step. Conditioning your mindset to switch from play to work becomes much easier to do if you have a place that acts similarly to your desk or cubicle back in the office.

A room in your house, such as the guest room, is an ideal location to renovate for such purposes. However, if all the rooms are preoccupied with other family members, you can instead look for an area within your house with the lowest traffic footfall. No matter which location you choose, ensure that it’s relatively quiet and distraction-free so you can better concentrate.

Remove All Distractions

Another factor that can impede your efforts of being productive is the typical distractions found at home. Your pets, family members, and your phone are only a few examples of the things that can make you lose focus while at work.

To prevent them from decreasing your productivity, determine a solution to address them well before you begin your workday. For instance, you could discuss and set some rules for your family to refrain from calling your attention during working hours unless necessary; or  put your phone on silent and away from your desk to avoid temptation. If there are certain variables beyond your control, like nearby ongoing construction or your neighbour’s barking dogs, consider listening to some ambient or lo-fi music with noise-cancelling headphones.

Establish Boundaries

Establishing boundaries is vital when working at home due to its inherent lack of traits that are conducive for productive work. Way too often, many might find themselves extending themselves well beyond working hours. The reason being is that some people tend to become too absorbed in their work that they eventually blur the lines between their work-life balance, which could potentially endanger their well-being.

Therefore, it’s vital to create boundaries that separate your personal and work life. Once you’ve chosen a designated area to work in, train yourself to remain working there for the entire workday and stick to it until it becomes a routine. Also, refrain from giving in to temptations that pull you away from your desk, such as unfinished personal tasks or gratifying distractions. After your work is done, put away your work tools and keep reminders of it out of sight. Allow your mind to recharge and relax so that you’ll be energised for the following day.

A One-Size-Fits-All Solution

If you’re unable to be as productive as you might like despite the tips shared, it is worth considering a flexible coworking office space for lease instead. Coworking spaces offer a productive and distraction-free working environment that boasts a ton of benefits for both independent workers and organisations alike. If you’re unsure if a certain branch is right for you just yet, you could always give it a trial run since most, since most office spaces for rent in Singapore offer a pay-per-use arrangement, allowing you to check if you’re well-suited to its environment before committing.


Working remotely or at home is now the reality of most employees worldwide. Being productive doesn’t come naturally for some, but implementing these simple tips might just positively impact the way you do work forever.

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