3 Valuable Tips To Create A Healthy And Happy Workplace

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Whether in a small business or a large corporation, employees’ morale and happiness are crucial to maximising performance and productivity. As the lifeblood of the company, the wellbeing of your employee will ultimately dictate whether or not your business thrives or dies in the new normal.

In today’s age, where the average employee’s working standards are wholly different and more demanding than that of the previous generation, investing in creating a happy and healthy workplace is crucial to business success.

Here are 3 valuable tips to help you create a workplace where employees feel safe and motivated to work at.

Make The Work Environment Comfortable, Dynamic, And Exciting

As working from home has become the new norm for many employees, this has also fueled the desire to work in more dynamic and exciting workspaces. Coworking spaces and serviced offices in Singapore are a great way to satisfy that need – since they support a hybrid work model that gives employees the flexibility to work from home or a physical office on days that they require a safe and conducive space to get their work done.

In addition, investing in amenities that are designed for productivity, including furnishings like private booths, hot desks, and private meeting rooms provides employees the option on where they can perform best given certain tasks. On the other hand, comfortable and engaging amenities such as adding more greenery and a lounge area encourages them to rest if they need to.

Since these additions to the office can be rather costly, it’s best to station employees in business office rentals, such as coworking spaces, since they typically already have these amenities and more at no additional cost.

Deliver Praise and Recognition Often

Feeling underappreciated is one of the glaring causes of employee dissatisfaction in companies worldwide – beating other more seemingly significant factors such as low wages, limited vacation days, and even a lack of work-life balance. A simple way to remedy this potential issue amongst your workers is to deliver praise and recognition more often for their good work or performance, even if they’re not making any extraordinary work achievements.

Providing positive feedback can come in many ways, from a quick shout-out in team meetings or a discrete acknowledgement via a face-to-face encounter in the office. Whatever option works best, being consistent and giving praise for a job well done will go a long way in keeping employees satisfied.

Prioritise Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance has become more important than ever in recent years, with employees seeking more time to spend on themselves and their loved ones. Therefore, it’s wise to make employees know that you see them as not just an integral part that keeps the business running, but also as an individual with a life of their own outside the office walls.

Businesses can show this through unique arrangements like WFH Fridays, health and wellness discounts, and even work incentives like additional vacation days. To know what else your employees would appreciate, be direct and ask them, then work on some ideas that are plausible and make the most sense for your business.


When it comes to achieving business success, your employees’ happiness is one variable that business owners must not neglect. Creating a workplace that promotes their physical and mental wellbeing will certainly pay dividends in the end.

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