3 Reasons Why Coworking Spaces Support Your Mental Health

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Ever since the advent of the recent pandemic, work-from-home has become the best and only working arrangement option for business continuity. Undoubtedly, it brings a whole lot of advantages both for the company and its employees, the main ones being the lack of the need to commute, financial and time savings, and more time to spend on personal matters, to name a few.

However, as with all things, there are also some downsides to working from home, most of which affect your mental health. Being isolated from coworkers and work-life taking over more hours of your day doesn’t bode well for anyone’s mental well-being. Below, we go over three ways how changing your workplace to a coworking office space for rent in Singapore can address these problems and why they promote your mental health.

Being In The Company Of Other Professionals

As a social animal, we have a strong desire for companionship. Every day, we go to workplace not just for working, but also for socialising and forming important relationships. Hence, the lack of social interaction with workmates and colleagues during prolonged working-from-home can take a toll after months of solitude. Even though online meetings and presentations are part of your daily schedule, they’re often not enough compared to actual, physical interactions.

By transferring to an office-like environment filled with other professionals, you can see a potentially significant boost in your productivity as well as to satisfy the social needs we all naturally seek. Thus, switching to a coworking office ensures that your mental health isn’t negatively impacted by issues that could affect your performance.

Minimise Distractions And Boost Productivity

When working from home, it is easy to become overwhelmed and distracted by an increasing pile of household chores and noise from other family members that can take you away from doing serious, focused work.

Your productivity level plays a vital role in business performance, and if you are constantly being distracted by domestic responsibilities, this can quickly build up to higher stress and anxiety levels. Having a designated co-working space changes all this – providing a safe space where you can remove the potential for distractions immediately while acting as a helpful catalyst to creating a better work-life balance.

Avoiding Burnout

Working from home for extended periods can result in the blurring of one’s work-life balance. You’ll often notice that you’re beginning to work more hours at home than you ever did at the office, and the thoughts of work never seem to escape your mind, even on your rest days. Prolonged exposure to such an environment will eventually lead to burnout and other negative consequences, including high stress and anxiety levels.

As such, it’s essential to clearly define the line between personal and work life and keep them separate at all times. Achieving this at home can prove challenging, but coworking spaces make it much easier to switch off from work when you need and genuinely separate work from your personal life.

Sticking to your daily work hours becomes much simpler, and the chances of working into deep overtime are significantly diminished. After a bit of readjustment, you’ll eventually acclimate to the new routine, and you’ll be able to fully enjoy your off time when out of work.


Working from home for too long can be detrimental to one’s mental well-being. By switching things up and relocating to coworking offices to work, you can better safeguard your mind and overall health. If you’re looking for a coworking office near you, get in touch with Greenhub Singapore today. We have sanitised, productivity-focused small business spaces for rent located all over the island, of which one is sure to be within reach from your residence.