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Beach Rd - Office 1
A Conducive & Green Office Rental Space
Beach Rd - Pantry 2
A Conducive & Green Office Rental Space
Beach Rd - Discussion Room
A Conducive & Green Office Rental Space
Office - Small
A Conducive & Green Office Rental Space

A Conducive & Green Office Rental Space

A Conducive & Green Office Rental Space

A Conducive & Green Office Rental Space

A Conducive & Green Office Rental Space

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GreenHub Singapore specialises in providing customised yet affordable office spaces for rent.

Packaged in a green and tranquil environment that optimises both comfort and productivity, our furnished office spaces for lease are the perfect incubation hub for you and your employees to explore new ideas, collaborate and produce high-quality results. Our beautifully designed single office spaces incorporate natural and contemporary elements to cultivate a work environment that fosters teamwork and camaraderie while ensuring that all necessary amenities are within reach around the premises.

With a wide range of office space sizes, rates, and lease terms, rest assured that you can always find a workspace that suits your needs and the scale of your business. Be it a single office desk set-up, a small office space for rent that fits the limited budget of small businesses or startups, or short-term office space for a solo business owner, GreenHub can deliver the best workspace option.

It’s GreenHub Singapore’s mission to ensure that your work experience at our fully-furnished serviced offices is comfortable, pleasant and efficient. We uphold a high standard of service and always go the extra mile to cater to your unique needs.


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Co-working Office Space Available

We offer shared workspaces to users looking for an affordable and flexible office space lease in Singapore. Working in a co-working space environment with the support of high-tech virtual solutions is the opportunity to enhance your business networks with other like-minded individuals and keep your business running at its peak without the cost of a full-time physical office.

Flexible Office Space

We offer customisable work-ready office suites to support your business growth and ensure a smooth transition during relocation or rescaling with minimal disruptions.

Enhance Your Business Networks

Meet and connect with business partners to exchange ideas and nurture potential networking opportunities at our business lounges.

Affordable Rates with No Hidden Cost

Our fully furnished rental offices come with air-conditioning and high-speed WiFi support. Enjoy an all-inclusive package with no surprises on additional costs, on top of a dedicated team to deliver the best value and services to you.

Virtual Solutions

We provide you with an attractive and professional business address without the cost of a full-time physical office.

Where to Find Us

Office Space For Rent

Raeburn Park

Office Space For Rent

Raeburn Park

What Our Tenants Have to Say


The facilities are great and allow our company to operate efficiently and effectively. Most importantly, the staffs are very friendly and accommodating, and have allowed EngageRocket to progress through our various stages of evolution smoothly.

- Leong CheeTung,

Co-founder and CEO, EngageRocket


We were looking for a central serviced office at a good price and fortunately we found GreenHub! The location is easily accessible despite being in CBD fringe and has its own laid back and relaxed atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else! GreenHub staffs have been very flexible and helpful with accommodating all our requests and I would recommend anyone looking at serviced offices in Singapore to consider GreenHub.

- James Flavell,

Regional Director – Asia, Flintfox


We started at GreenHub from a small office to a bigger one with no fuss, just what we needed. The office is convenient to transport and with restaurants and coffee shops nearby. GreenHub office is easy to organise where printing, scanning, copying and meeting facilities are easily accessed.

We like the fact that we can move so quickly and expand without a problem, all with the ease of knowing that our office space requirements are not going to be a problem.

- Steve Nally,

Principal Consultant, Horizon Resources International


We have been with GreenHub for 2 years, having the office situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city and yet within the city is a very unique location for us. We enjoy being part of nature before starting our day in the office!

The staffs at GreenHub have been absolutely a joy to work with. Without our own receptionist, they have provided us with the essential secretarial services such as attending to our guests and assisting with urgent printing and courier service. Our company's success for the past 2 years is due to good office support, great environment and atmosphere.

- Nancy Soon,

Executive Director, Helen O'Grady (Asia) Pte Ltd


How can I arrange a viewing appointment with GreenHub?
You can book a tour by filling the enquiring form, or directly with us via phone number (65) 6692 8000 or email address


What types of membership packages does GreenHub offer?

GreenHub offers 3 types of membership packages with free access to Wifi, business lounge and meeting room facilities. GreenHub members can also enjoy complimentary serving of high-quality coffee and tea and receive discounted rate on meeting room booking.


With Silver Package, members can access one GreenHub centre during working hours one day per month.

With Gold Package, members can access any GreenHub centres during working hours five days per month.

Platinum Package allows members to access any GreenHub centres during working hours 10 days per month.

Does GreenHub offer co-working office space in Singapore?

Yes, co-working office space is available at GreenHub. Besides Suited Offices, GreenHub offers shared workspaces as a flexible office space option for users who need a workspace but do not want to commit to an office space.

Why are coworking office spaces so popular in Singapore?

In essence, coworking office spaces are shared workspaces that make affordable and flexible office space solutions for businesses of all sizes. While coworking office spaces used to be mainly utilised by freelancers and digital nomads, it has now become an integral part of any business regardless of size and industry.

The growing appeal of coworking office spaces in Singapore lies in its flexibility – giving solo professionals the chance to break the monotony of working from home, project-based teams a safe space to collaborate and brainstorm, and startups a physical space to plan and execute ideas without having to fork out the capital needed for a traditional office lease.

Who uses coworking office spaces in Singapore?

People working in coworking spaces are not employed by a single organisation or team – that means you are working alongside a wide array of professionals from different fields. This can be a goldmine if you are someone who thrives on innovation, creativity and an overall more lively work environment.

What can coworking office spaces do for my business?

Coworking office spaces are the ideal solution for modern businesses post-pandemic. While working from home can be beneficial, it can make work-life balance difficult for some. Having a dedicated office space for employees to do productive work creates a win-win solution for businesses to cut costs and boost employees’ well-being.